Thursday, 2 February 2017

#446; It's a keeper!


I haven't posted in a very Long Long time because my schedule is very hectic. So much happened towards the end of 2016 and I only finally got a little time to myself.

The lovely peeps over at Beauty Keeper recently sent me a few products to review so let's get right to it! There's also a small giveaway so just read on to find out more!

First up is the PSK Skincare + Color Correction. 
I was extremely fascinated by the packaging because it is quite intricate. 

See! There's even a sponge beneath the box but I didn't use it because I was saving it for my bb cushion and also because I use this as an added concealer because of the brightening effect. 

This product comes in a balm form and is suppose to improve your skin complexion. I like how it sits and brightens up my horrendous dark circles without creasing. It lasts long and doesn't cause me to break out/get milia seeds. So a definite plus!

Also, it can sit nicely on top of my other concealer without creasing. 
I find myself reaching for this when I don't get enough sleep. Which is almost everyday.. haha. 

Legit almost can't see my Chanel eyebags. Thanks. 

And I think they very know how to take a hint because guess who got an eye serum for tired eyes?
Yes me! hahaha, 

So this Eyes Light serum is also another Taiwan beauty product. I like that it has a slightly cooling effect and is smooth. It applies well and doesn't sting my eyes nor cause any breakouts. Waaa. Not bad right. 

In terms of effect, maybe I haven't diligently use it long enough or maybe I am just thoroughly lacking in sleep. I don't see much improvement yet but then again, my concealer game is strong. Sorry for above pics. Gonna try acting chio hahaha. 

You can just shop for Taiwan beauty products at the ease of your fingertips. 
Just simply head to Beauty Keeper to shop away! You can also get these products from Beauty Keeper.

Now, they also sent me something for my eyes which I will be giving away since I can't use it for work. Can you guess what?

I am giving away this set of five pairs of lashes! 
I have never tried these before but Taiwan lashes are famous lah. Hahah. 

I can't wear lashes because of work and because I am allergic to eyelash glue. Xiao sadz. 
So if you want these, just simply drop me an email at!
I am accepting email entries till 12 Feb then I will be putting the emails through a random generator to get the winning emails. 

Good luck!

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

#445; [Review] Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar in Pink Step

In my previous posts, I blogged about the Witch Pouch Ombre Lipstick and compared it as a cheaper alternative for the Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar. Prior to getting the Witch Pouch Ombre Lipstick, I bought the Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar and in this post, I will be reviewing the lipstick.
Hopefully, this post will help you decide if you wanna lay your hands on the Laneige/Witch Pouch version for that Korean Ombre lips look!

The shade I gotten is the No. 6 Pink Step and I have forgotten how much it costs, but you can get this at Laneige stores and counters for around $30+. Let's first talk about the packaging, the box it came in was classic of Laneige. A simple silver box that is elegant and clean cut. 

The Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar in Pink Step itself is a white with silver cap lipstick. The whole feel is very sleek and no frills. Which in my opinion, is what Laneige is trying to aim for with all their products. On the side of the Two Tone Lip Bar, you will see a slider. This pushes the lipstick up for you to apply.
Note: It is best to only slide it down (to push the lipstick up) when the cap is taken off. This will prevent the lipstick from getting all over the cap. 

One thing I noted was that the silver cap has a tendency to come loose on its own :/

You don't have to slide the slider fully to get a large amount of lipstick. The lipstick is also retractable to prevent any breakage. The Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar in Pink Step that I gotten comprises of two shade to give that ombre look - In coral and in pink. 

At the time of this post, I realise that I forgotten to do a swatch *tears*. 

This is how the Laneige Two Tone Lip bar look like when swatched on my lips. It has a very "juicy" look unlike the Witch Pouch's ombre lipstick. I find that the two shades have a tendency to mix together and give a very uniform peachy coral look instead of an ombre look. 

The Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar has a very pleasant peach scent and applies smoothly. However, I don't find that this is particularly moisturising even though it does not dry matte. In fact, I feel that this accentuates my lip lines and dry skin. 

This lasted decently on me and left a slight tint that gives my natural lips a much more uniform look. 

This is how the Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar in Pink step looks like on me. It is a very natural, shiny lip look and is fresh. It is perfect for days when you have very minimal makeup or when you want just a slight tinge of colour. 

Would I repurchase?
Maybeeeee... But for the price point, I think I would prefer something a little cheaper. 
If you are still debating if an ombre look is for you, buy a pigmented lipstick and dab into your inner corner of your lips. Use a finger to smudge out the lipstick to the outer corner and reapply more in the center for that ombre look. I recommend using an Etude House lipstick and this has been my go-to method for when I go to work. *fuss free, easy*

I blog about beauty products and makeup is my passion.
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Sunday, 14 August 2016

#444; Doll up for less with cash back and online shopping offers at ShopBack

My guilty pleasure is shopping online because of the convenience it brings me. Often times, I look at my account and weep at the pathetic amount of money I have left, because of my shopping. So imagine one day, when I got some money back after shopping at Forever21. That day, I felt extra lucky, like I’ve struck lottery!!

Side note: Dis the top I got :p

But you don't get that kind of luxury when it comes to shopping online, since prices are already lower than retail and there are often promotions to make the prices even lower. I thought about joining Shopaholics Anonymous (if there was such a thing) to stop shopping. I resorted to getting dirt cheap and sometimes “meh” quality clothes from Taobao. I've tried leaving my credit cards and Ibanking devices at home and almost succeeded. BUT! I don't have to try so hard anymore because I found a site to get me back some money while shopping!

Introducing... ShopBack! The online site that gives you cash back when you shop online! ERHMARGERD. The very first time I heard about them was while I was in the cinema and I was watching one of the many ads. When I heard about getting stuff for cheaper because of the cash back, my mind was gearing towards the “bo ko leng” category. Online shopping is already cheap. What do you mean I can still get money back after already spending lesser than retail?

And I admit. The movie was good so I forgot about it. Until I went to the cinema and caught another one of their ads. This time I remembered and went to their site to find out how it works. So here is what I found out:

  Merchants give commission for directing shoppers to their site. This is true. Especially site Z, the people who recommend you to their site will definitely earn commission from your orders placed. And you don't get a cent from their commission. But ShopBack will give you the money they earn from your commission, in the form of cash back!
The whole concept is really smart and just simple! You get cash back and you get cheap deals. So what’s not to love?

I already “beo” and saw that they work with places like Expedia, Foodpanda and many more. So why not look for a Sephora sale or even save on Groupon deals? Because ShopBack give you cash back when you shop with them!

I bought my tickets to Taiwan without realising that ShopBack can also give you a cash back with Expedia. Ragrets because every cents matter when you are on a budget! They even have Taobao cash back scheme which I will definitely be looking into. Check out their YouTube account for more instructions on how to shop at Taobao without incurring agent fee.

For added convenience, I have already looked through and found a page that has all their latest coupon for online shopping! Here is the link!

With the money that I can potentially save when I shop with ShopBack, I can totally spend more money on food there.... Or the duty free goodies at the airport :p

So here it is. I will definitely be using ShopBack the next time I order from Sephora, Zalora or even Asos. Because everyone loves some more cash to spend on more goodies! So check out that cart and just wait for that cash back!


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