Thursday, 30 June 2011

Somethings will never change

Guess something's will never change! I have been spending too much money! Splurging on stuff when I'm half lucid and telling myself that "I need them, they are essential"...
I'm the classic example of a true blood shopaholic (´Д` )
This is bad. I have already plan out our future with Mr.K and we realized we need lots of cash to live comfortably without relying on our parents. And I'm gonna ruin our plans because of my shopaholic ways! *pulls hair*
So I shall start a cashbook to start saving!
Nyaaaaaaaa~ ( *`ω´)

Anyway! Guess what came in the mail yesterday~ *happy*




Pretty aye? TSC is having a preorder for them no cappings needed!
Shall post the link later! Anyway!
I'm gonna end the post with random photos:


Of all thing to name his pet, my boyfriend chose "ball" -.-


Cam whore time! I look cui without makeup! But I love the lighting :D
With my brown envelope clutch which is an essential to my wardrobe! Preorder yours today at The Scarlet Closet

P/S: anyone has any jobs to intro?? I'm broke and I need a job :D

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