Monday, 11 July 2011

i'm a mad gyaru lover♥

Hello beuatiful people :D 
♥ `
I'm sharing a beautiful giftaway today and its only for girls~
Have you heard?!
ShopOnBlog is holding their giftaway! *Excited*
*click to enlarge*
Basically to join, all you need to do is blog about their giftaway and post your links onto their fb page here!
Shop On blog's FB page
Its very simple isn't it!~

And their prices are super attractive!
If you are one of five selected blogger, you will receive:
-Dolly Wink Mascara (Long)
-Eyemazing 003
-Mellish eyelash 02,04
-Candy Doll Carrot Orange!

ONE lucky blogger will also be selected to be Shop On blog's ambassador!
I'm so excited! Aren't you!  ♥
So do join in their giftaway right now!~

♥ Amanda Misaki Sea
If i win this, I would totally love them
Actually I do love them already *teehee*
So do join in yea? 

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