Friday, 15 July 2011

Love is a two-tiered cake

I having been blogging much at all *hates self* but I've been busy this whole week. So I promise I shall blog more next week!
Btw you guys should try playing Tiny towers. I know it's pixelated and all. And sometimes come across as really childish. BUT! it's addictive!
Kills time! Hehe! My whole poly class is hook on it~

And look! The little pixel people actually have facebook! Or..bitbook in their case :/
Do download from the AppStore and try it out today! It's FREE! :D

Finally I'm able to go out with Mr.K on Saturday :3

I passed him the ash gray I.fairy lenses I ordered for him a while back while I wore my kirei green~^^ really pwetty lenses! Now mr.K and I have matching ash gray lenses :D
We head to illuma With plans to watch HP but in the end we watch four-Thailand ghost movie and baby found it funny :o so did I actually :3
Really enjoyable day~
Didn't take any photos cause he was too busy playing jubeat ;( and I was too busy fretting over my customer stuff
Shall spam take the next time im out with him :3

Alright~ I promise I will blog more...i need to sleep now~^^
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