Thursday, 7 July 2011

Oh so fickle minded

I have been really busy these past few days, handling my blogshop and replying PM and emails. Haven't been posting much. I just finish an advertorial for SexyLook Duo lifting mask and I'm tired. ><

I'm making a confession!
I get irritable at my customers at times. But I always keep a smile on my face even when a customer scolds me or complains to me.

Sometimes, I wish they would understand what I have to go through.
I have to handle this blogshop single handedly and I have to rush for payment and liance with supplier over a million different things. Its not easy and I'm earning really little already, yet there are some people who ask for discount even when I repeatedly told them that no additional discount can be given.

I shouldn't rant too much, I ranted on twitter already :x
And because of that rant, I think I lost a few followers *sniff*

Totally loving the Usagi headband proudly sponsored by My Hair Queen~
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Shall end of this short post with a picture~

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Much Loves

♥Amanda Misaki a.k.a Little miss Bunny ears

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