Tuesday, 19 July 2011

so, the other day, I was cam-whoring with my laptop camera :3
the quality of the pictures are suck-ish so yea...x.x
it means they are unedited. Hahaha!
Unedited = cui = no face to see people
Sooooooo....very unglam

Ok, I look so fierce here xD
can kill someone like that...
"ehh..wtf you looking at?!" *RAWWWR*
kidding la. I'm so naice :3
 Like act cute only :3

Ok..That's enough cam whoring pictures :/
I'm like satisfied now... xD
I used to take one picture every day xD

Anyway, I didn't realise I was taking a video until like I realise there wasn't a flash.
hiak hiak. 
so I decided to act retarded and made this mini video :D
Can't seem to upload it here though ):
That's all for now~

Amanda Misaki S.

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