Friday, 1 July 2011

Sometimes I try too hard

Second day with this blog and another post! I'm getting good at this!
I feel like ranting on and on now because of the boring tutorials and lectures that I have to endure. 
Please let me indulge in a moment of self-love *floats*

skip this part if you don't want to read my self-love~

I think I'm pretty smart. I mean, I never study much at all. I admit to playing tetris battle and cooking mama on facebook and doing admin work for my blogshop that I never even pay attention to what the lecturers are talking about. I do occassionally hear my lectures.."keynesian model, blah, JMK, blah" but other than that, I'm pretty much NOT ALL. So, it comes as a super great shock when my CT results are out.
The moment of truth:
-macroeconomics (76%)
-DSS (76%)
-Business application (i forgot how much I've gotten exactly but its pretty high)
-Statistic (52%) -.-
There you go, the only lousy subject I have is statistic. No biggie cause I'm a failure in Maths. But Holy Macaroni, stats was an open book test. I expected at least a 60%. -.-

Ok, you can read now!
So, I realise my statistic sucks. ITS ALL MY FAULT! *wails*
Went to campus today wearing my mum's clothes. We are super close which explains why I'm always looting her wardrobe (: 

Its pink~

Super warm weather and this is so comfy! haha!
I regret not bringing my furry hair tie to school! It would look super nice with this coordinates!
anyway look at my eye!

I'm wearing I.Fairy ash brown!^^


Advertorial:TSC weekend Sales!
The Scarlet Closet is having a weekend sales at their facebook and weebly website!

Tiring right? This whole week just school and work? ):
Hope this deals perks you guys up 
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IPhone Rabito going at $8/ casing...two and above at $7/casing!
Rilakkuma casing and cath kidston inspired @ $16/casing!

Awesome a not? Prices even more awesome! Eyemazing lashes goes at only $20 for a box of three pairs!
shop now! Cause its friday and TSC will make you say T.G.I.F!

♥Amanda Misaki 

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