Sunday, 3 July 2011

Take me away; Somewhere far

Any readers here uses iPhone and has instagram?
I'm totally hook on instagram! Can instantly edit the photos into mad chio and super nice lomography!
And, its like a mini tumblr for people with smartphone! *excited*
anyway here's a few pictures that I posted on my instagram and I think the effects are just too darn great!

well, what do you think?
the effects are super nice aren't they? Yepp, I think this app is definitely for lazy bloggers like me, the I-don't-wanna-waste-many-hours-photoshopping-yet-i-want-chio-pictures type of blogger (:
I should be shot for this kind of thinking. And I think I'm the queen of procrastination!~ ^^v
There's so many overdued advertorials and reviews ):
Shall do them as soon as I can.

 Ok, I know I not chio and can act super cui at times but I love the effect instagram gives me.
 This sunset awesome right?
Took this in Malaysia and the sky is really really gorgeous. Its a pity my boy wasn't there with me to see this lovely sight ): *sighs*
such a tumblr worthy picture! Now we know how tumblr people get such nice picture! Must be because all of them edit using the instagram app!

 Anyway, see what I gotten myself at Daiso. A big blue ribbon! ^^ Really pretty and has a vintage-y sort of feel to it. Its made of chiffon with small floral prints and there are so many colours to choose from! I was super tempted to get all! But decided to just get the dark blue one cause its awesomely cute!
Yes, I shop at Daiso! Daiso where everything is only $2! No GST! And all are japanese goods! Where to find such awesome deals! I bought many pairs of fake lashies there too! Totally love Daiso!
oh and you can try those Japanese traditional crackers and snacks . Mad in love with them!

♥ Amanda Misaki 
Till next time~

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