Sunday, 28 August 2011

Amanda on a hiatus...No more

Hello people! *waves*
life is too short to be unhappy (: 
So I deleted my "on a hiatus" post and I'll be back to blogging full time :D
Went to West Mall feeling kinda depressed so I went on a mini spree. LOL.
hmmm...Lets see. 
I bought the maybelline Hyper splash liquid liner cause my other one was running out so I will be doing a review on that really soon! *gives big smiles*
And I was scrolling through blogshops when I saw this awesome thing.

Chio a not?!
Hahaha! Its only $3.90!
Will test it out then if its good I'll disclose the link to get these very chio nail stickers!
And I bought like two cause I like to stock up :x
Also bought a couple thing for Mr.K and me. :D

 I hate staying up late cause I will always go shopping on G-Market when there's nothing much for me to do.
Yesterday G-Market hauls include NYX slim eyeliner pencil in pearl white :D
My first pearl white liner! Will do a review soon!
And I bought a soft matte lip cream that sort of doubles up as a lip concealer. 
And reviews and swatches will be up as soon as I have the products :)

Can see how I'm such a shopaholic isn't it? 
But I know where to go for the best deals so I guess I do save abit here and there when I can :p
Alright. Ending for now. But I'll be back tomorrow or maybe tonight with a review :)

Get ready to be gray!

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