Friday, 5 August 2011

Better photos, Better me ♥

Technically, I'm supposed to be studying but I just can't concentrate when I can do better and more interesting stuff than reading about business management..
Anyway, I know we can't get our pretty big eye lenses because of the HSA.
And I know how upset some girls are...
*maybe it's just me*
So, I got mine from a seller that has instock! :o
abit more pricey but delivery is super fast!
And I'm wearing them now!

Its the old Super barbie lens packaging thought but I'm still uber happy! :3
Bought Luna King Black cause I'm always wearing really colourful lenses.
So far, I opened 5 lenses already :3
kirei green, rose blue, ash gray, ash brown and luna king black :D
one for every school day!

The seller damn nice to give me cute casing! :3

Bet my boyfriend will say" SEE LA! even the shop owner thinks you are a pig!ZHU!"
But, the casing is super cute isn't it?
Not those plain pink and white type you get xD

Its Super Barbie Luna king black!^^
I always thought that my eyes were super black D;
and it is cause I can't wear and shall never wear Nudy coloured lenses.
I look like a vampire^^ *bites*
This picture reveals that I have dark brown eyes! *yippie*
So, its a circle lens. Which means that the enlargement is big.

My eyes feel naked from all the little make-up and the BIG eyebag :(
These lenses are 16mm which is big! 
Colour is super black as can see, and enlargenment is...SPEECHLESS xD
But it looks natural cause of my freaking big eye -.- 
Comfort would be 9/10!
My eyes didn't get dry even though I wore it for many hours :D
And it didn't hurt likea b***h when I took them off too :D
Do be reminded that eye drops are still strongly recommended!

Anyway, did you notice the quality of my pictures are slightly better? :o
I'm using my camera that's why! :D
all other photos were taken using my iPhone camera and edited using apps.
 Speaking about camera, I was taking a few photos of my new lenses when I decided to be funny!~

confirm see already, tonight will have nightmare! xD

Comment on my post if you wanna know where I get my chio and pwetty lenses!
I'm looking out for a contact lens sponsor cause I have too many lenses I wanna try and too little money xD

I want a new necklace :x

♥ Amanda Misaki S.

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    and heres my FB PAGE: Eye LikeFashion ..
    more colors and designs to choose from.. thankyou so much..


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