Monday, 29 August 2011

I.Fairy Ash Gray review

Review of the day would be ash gray by I.Fairy (:

Please ignore my trying-to-be-chio-model expression -.-
haha! I know how gray these little pretties are!
And they blend in so naturally in the next few pics I'm gonna post up (:
Some one really thought I had gray eyes :o


 Please ignore the fish lips ._.
So here is my take on them!

Design: 9/10
Comments: Hello! They are downright gorgeous! Can't find anywhere else which has such a lovely design as these.

Colour: 10/10
Comments: I have to admit that I.Fairy has the most obvious colours in all the brands that I see!

Enlargement: 10/10
Comments: I have yet to see a lens that gives me such a big eye enlargement as the I.Fairy series :o Though I may be proven wrong when my Disney Eye Gray comes :)

Comfort: 10/10
Comments: My eyes will not get dry even after long hours of wearing and that is just plain awesome. Even Mr.K says they are good. How do I know? Well, these are Mr. K and I couple lens no. 2! ^^

Details of the lenses:
Ash Gray by I.Fairy
16.2MM in diameter (no joke :x)
45% Polyhema, 55% water

Chio lenses! :D
Comment on this post and I'll disclose the link to where I get them!
And guess what...I got this pair for $16.50 with free lens casing!
Siao like mad cheap!

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