Saturday, 27 August 2011

Lyrics to him

Last post for the night..
these few lyrics are an assortment from different songs and I hope he get what I mean..somehow.
Sistar19 -Ma Boy:

You said you knew even if I said nothing
You know my heart somehow, right?
So I believed, I was patient, and I waited
You said you wouldn’t leave me by myself
You promised, pinky-swore
So why are you lying again?

 I’m going crazy because of you
Why ya try ‘n play games with me?
Because of you everyday
I go up and down several times
Don’t let me down
I cry every night (no, no)
Stop breaking my heart

You don’t know how I feel, your eyes wander
What I got, what you lookin’ for?
Don’t look at other women
This is my last warning (oh no)
This gon’ be the last time

 Oh ma boy, oh ma boy, baby
You don’t know love, my heart hurts
Oh ma boy, oh ma boy, baby
There’s no way you know how I feel
Don’t let me down boy

I just need one of those, I only want you
You still don’t know my heart

Mizca-Kira Kira :

My sparkling tears become a star in the sky that can lead you to a sparkling tomorrow.
My memories are like a great light that can lead you to a bright future.

Your look. Your smile. Your whisper. Your warmth.
Longing. First love.

My immature feelings that can’t become words

my wish is that you will hold me.

2ne1- i don't care: 

Every day, your phone’s always off
It doesn’t seem like you’re going to change oh oh

All those girlfriends you call “friends”
Don’t think of me in the same way as them, I won’t let it fly
From now on, do as you want, 

For some time I really loved you but oh

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