Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Pissed me off day

yea you can totally skip this post.
I'm sure this is gonna be wordy..
So here goes:
I swear to speak the truth, only the truth and nothing but the truth.
So well, there's this boutique that is looking for models for her portfolio. Let's name this boutique GzN. So, her ad was misleading. "$15-30 for extensions only! Free nail art design provided" as can see from here. Ok nail art design. This means we can choose right? I mean duh ...we paid like $15-$30 at least we can choose what's goes on our pretty nails! ._.
So I pm-Ed her say I'm interested . She asked me to SMS her and we talk. Then I realize holy fuck she choose design for us. Which means we don't know how our nails will turn out la! Machiam Tikam like that.
Nvm lor. See her previous portfolio. Look quite ok so we continued discussing. I told her I didn't need extensions cause my nails damn long (and sharp) . Don't believe can ask mr.K . I scratch him a lot when...he bullies me (:
She said ok. Then I asked so need pay anything extra since I'm not doing extension? By right don't need right?! Ok. She intro me do gellish. I HAVE BEEN DYING TO DO GELLISH SINCE VERY LONG ALREADY!
I blogged about candy nails boutique the other time! Super nice gellish nails! Will post the link soon (: can't do it now as I'm mobile blogging :x
So GzN said "$30" . Hmm..reasonable right?
So we discuss this coming sat, I'll do my nails at her place. $10 deposited. Nvm.
Just today, I got grounded by my mother -.- seriously #gfh cause I finished my exam she had to ground me -.-
. Ok so naturally, I can't go right? Grounded how to go out? Fly to your mothers home ah? So I told GzN and at first quite nice uh. Ask whether wanna postpone I say see how first. Then I confirm cannot go out although I beg my mum so I told GzN I couldn't and my deposit how.
She said she can't refund. No. Wait I screenshot the conversation.
See what she says?! Like not happy liddat -.- why can't just tell me uh. :/ scared what? -.-

She say its last minute cancellation. HELLO! you take pictures of my damn Chio nails which I take ages to keep and my dad or bf cut my nails for me cause I suck at cutting nails. I even promised to do a free advertorial for you. Even if I don't do the nails, I would do an advertorial to make up for it. With pictures from your "portfolio" instead, and you refuse to give me back my bloody refund. Still got 6 more days considered last minute? I tell you what is last minute. Last minute is people on the day itself say cannot. That one called last minute! And your company "regulations" CMI. last minute time frame also never state properly .
And look here, unless my time slot is taken else I won't get a refund? Who knows whether you gotten someone to fill it already and you still diam diam keep my deposit. I know $10 very little to you but it's alot to me. Im a student who have to pay her own phone bills, food, transport, clothing and everything . $10 is a lot to me!

Note to GzN: if you would agree to refund me, I wouldn't bother wasting my time ranting here about you. See the smiley face behind the ok(: it's for you to know that ok. I'm definitely blogging bad things about you .
Nor happy? Please refund me my $10 . HARD EARNED $10. I run my blogshop have to put up with countless shit before I make $10 profit.

If you don't refund me, well, I'll just put your full boutique name as well as fcebk link.
Sorry ah. Poorgirl94 here. 

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