Friday, 12 August 2011

Random posts :x

Ok laaa, quite nonsense and I feel like a poser but I super feel like doing a tutorial? :x
I know alot of my make up style damn wrong lor like I don't apply BB cream or even put sunblock :/
I know I'm probably killing my cells bit by bit :D
BUT! I can't go out of home without some eyeliner. I swear I can't.
Maybe go to the 7-11 at the back of my house or to get some letters from those boxes of joy, I can still survive... barely :D
BUT! Other than that?
Cause I look weird with such big eye contact lenses and then no make up at all :/
feel like a fish? or an alien? somehow...
Probably explains why my liquid liner always run low.
I need a sponsor already :o
Anyway, was off from sch early cause we finish MAEC tutorial early. My gosh, I went to school for only 1.5h shioook right? :D

Anyway, decided to camwhore and blog since it seems abit long since I last posted?
*laughs weakly* OK, I AM SORRY D:

Do enjoy my photos :D
though I think they are acceptable but not all that awesome....YET! :p

Look at my siao zha bor hair xD

My fringe is like loooong now!
Tempted to cut it shorter ;o
 My hair grew longer too :/
I can see my black roots D:
yeaaa...I know, I am going to dye my hair again :/
anyway, random pic before I end this post to play tetris :D

damn pretty right?
not edited at all :D

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