Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Sponsored Review- Melliesh Eyelashes #02 cat

Did you miss me? :D
okay, I obviously know I went back on my promise to blog and update more. My blog screams that its half-dead x.x
I really promise to update more okay? D:
Have been really busy these past few days with projects and the ast upcoming exams! D:
Its making me depressed just thinking about it! So I shall not think and I shall blog!

Sponsored Review- ShopOnBlog : Melliesh eyelashes in #02 Cat

Well, remember the post where I shared with you lovelies about the ShopOnBlog's giveaway? weeeeeeellll, I won!~ *yippie*

Here's the screemshot of that very email they sent me!
I couldn't believe my eyes cause I have been dying to get these lashes for like...ages!
Ever since I read popteen, I have been aching to get Japanese branded eyelashes *not those type from daiso hor -.-*
AND! So far, I have only gotten Eyemazing! I haven't even gotten anything from DollyWink! 
*who wants to sponsor me my first DollyWinks!? I would loveeee you to death :D *
So, I waited patiently for my Melliesh eyelashes~
And got them on a Friday :D
I swear I almost ambushed the postman every time he went to sort out the letters into those boxes of joy (ahem, I mean letterbox -.-)

I couldn't take a photo of the original letter cause ....
I was too anxious. I ripped it apart like "THE HULK" O.O
But it was good! They even bubblewrap it and left a return address :3 (did I mention how much I love bubblewraps?)
And delievery was fast ~ ♥
Service: 9/10 (Enquiries were replied asap) 
Delievery: 10/10 (3 working days to receive it! ^^v)

Why the packaging so nice!
It actually reminds me of Liz Lisa stuff cause it looks so elegant X lady-like!
There are two pairs of lashes inside *gasp*
and its designed by Yui Kanno!

Can you see how chio it is? :D
And, the bone of the lashes is transparent!
So firstly, here's me with little make up on and no falsies.

*omg look at my fat arms and thighs -.- *
I look like I'm mixed blood -.- siggghhh.
I wished I was mixed though! Will look really pretty ...


This is the before-my-chio-mellies-eyelashes-is-worn photo ~

This is the omg-i-have-long-chio-eyelashes-now photo!
I always envy girls with long lashes cause they can flutter them at their bf and make their heart melts.
I flutter my short lashes at my bf and he will go "EH! Your eye got dust ah?! " or just ignore me completely.
When I wore this on, they look super natural! I'm NOT KIDDING!

I fluttered them at my boyfriend and he blushed! *finally :D *


Does it make my eyes look bigger? :D

Comfort: 10/10
I think comfort is super important because, FACE IT! Which girls likes their falsies poking into their eyes when they are out in town?! These lashes are so comfortable I almost forgot I had them on!! :D
And I won't get involuntary eye twitch as they are so lightweight!

Design: 10/10
This pair of lashes are really natural looking. This is super rare cause a lot of lashes I have seen are so dramatic! This pair can be worn to school and nobody would ever know *whisper*
Furthermore, this lashes are those that are short to long which means that they enhance your big dolly-eye look! And looky they are slightly flutterish at the ends! Which means that it will Up your "i have sexy eyes" factor! LOL!

All in all, I love these lashes and will definitely be shopping with ShopOnBlog for my DollyWink *excited!* because of their fast delievery and for their pleasant and polite emails to me.
Furthermore, their prices are unbeatable to those in other online stores and even retail!

Now my eyes are chio right? Aren't you jealous? :D
Well don't be!

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