Sunday, 14 August 2011

Ten most important person in my life

Ok, random post cause I haven't been updating for awhile :/
So here goes, a no picture post about the ten most important people in my life.
Ok, maybe one picture of the most important and cherished person in my life :D
Anyway here goes nothing~

Top Ten most important people in my life (which I can't lose or I don't know what will happened to me) :/

1) My boyfriend- Kaiwen (aka Mr.K)
Reason: I CANNOT LOSE HIM D: I swear I can't. If I do I really will break down. He is the one who cheered me up and was behind me even when everyone bullies me or even when my mum and dad is being super unreasonable and scolds me for nothing. Yea, I can't lose him...ever...I love him a lot.

2) My sister- weird vanessa
Reason: she look like the red colour angry bird.... LOL. I see her face I can spaz and laugh till I die ._.

3) My mum
Reason: Ok. I admit she can be a big meanie sometimes :/ but I still love her cause she is my mum :D and she can cook really awesome curry chicken ^^ just ask Mr.K :D

4) My dad
Reason: I'm his darling little princess ^^v Really I am. Although he pampers my sister more than he pampers me but yea. I'm still his princess :D

5) Mr.K's mummy
Reason: I love her cause she gave birth to my beloved... and raise him up :D

6) My besties: Ed and Jerome
Reason: They are the pack of cheerleaders. ED is a total man bitch :/ we bitch about everything under the sun and Jerome is my listening ear :3

7) My poly friend: Claudine
Reason: SHE CARES A LOT! Whenever I'm a litttleeeee upset she can sense it and ask whats wrong :D
which reminds me we haven't had a mac bonding session in ageeeeeees D;

8) My so-called sister: Si Ying
Reason: She can cheer me up when I'm sad and she can make everybody laugh. SERIOUS! Mr.K and me went on a double date with her and her bf and he can still laugh when I reminds him of some funny things she said...and done.

9) My other sisters: Siva and Kai-zhong
Reason: We bond a lot. We only started talking to each other last year and we have been close ever since :D Kai-zhong is the super vain boy. And siva was the rational girl (: and me? Well I'm the horny and very LOUD girl :D

10) My new blogshop owner friend: Vivian
Reason: She lends a listening ear :D
Super nice person too ^^

Realise I used "my" a lot? Yea x.x I'm possesive
You must have been wondering why 10 people :D
Thats because me and Mr.K got together since the 10th march
which explains my blog link and many other things :D 
My favourite pic of Mr.K

♥ Amanda Misaki S. ♥ 10.03.11

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