Monday, 19 September 2011

Dearest mummy's birthday

I'm gonna blog moreeeeee~
Lack of updates cause I was lazing around home almost everyday *snores*
Its the poly holidays now and I wanted to get a job.
But I prefer lazing around home, eating and being fat.
Anyway, yesterday was mummy's birthday.
Like always I woke up at 1pm plus xD then prepared to head out.
Wore my new dress from Poiseliese . I got mine as an awesome set in the grab bag ($24.90) !
The material is super good and luxurious and the owner is so nice to throw in so many accessories and freebies...JUST FOR ME! :D hah! Jealous?

Ignore my hair cause this was taken when I got home xD
Have the crazy woman hair already~
The dress is super nice isn't it! 
Makes me look slimmer~

So after I finish zheng-ing , we all went to Amara to eat some nice omnom!
Amara is sort of like a family tradition buffet already~
Almost every year, we will eat there. Cause their food is awesome *gives super glutton face*
Now, I shall be evil and make you hungry with all the awesome food pictures!

Hoho I'm getting fat already xD
Anyway the pricing is really quite affordable too!
Daddy paid like $150? for four of us. 
The first picture of the cupcake, I got it for mummy! Love the heart on it cause its so adorable!
The cupcake tasted like...jackfruit!
My favourite dessert is the durian puff *mouth water*
And they have awesome tempura prawns! If you've followed me on twitter (@Misaki_sea) , you would have known that I'm tempura obsessed xD

Look at mummy's cake!
Super nice! Gotten it at four leaves!
My birthday cake was also from four leaves and Mr.K loves it too!
I like these few pictures the best cause she looks so happy~
We gave her a few present. The first present was a decoy- her favourite powder, socks from Daiso in a uber pretty floral vintage box (from Daiso also xD)
Daddy took a video of her reaction when she opened the decoy present. Super funny! I will upload it on my YouTube channel once I have the chance to.

Then, we gave her the real deal- Revlon eyeshadow palette, NYX lipstick in Milan, NYX lipgloss in Real Nude and a LoveMore lifting mask!
Not much but its the thought that counts....and the packaging too.
Hahah! Can't wait for tomorrow to come.
Collection #1 materials will be here and I'll be busy but I promise I will blog tomorrow.

Last picture of the day~
Me and Vanessa 
I have fat arms :( 

Advertorial- Poiseliese

Support Poiseliese ! "Like" her page! She is an awesome blogshop owner who is relatable too and extremely reliable. I have ordered like a lot of things from her already and I think all her prices are super freaking reasonable!
Oh! And if you do not know how to put together a look, just find for her! 
She is currently doing a lookbook *aweeeeeeeesome*
I got my dress from her and I'm currently waiting for my Choo Choo cat wallet. 
Shipping is 2-4 weeks but hey. They are all imported from Overseas and quality is assured!

They do giveaway occasionally too! And her prizes are awesome max!

Information about Poiseliese:
Managed by Vivian 
Prices ranged from $5-30.
Items are imported from overseas, thus 2-4 weeks waiting time.
Quality is assured! :D

Don't wait! Shop now! :D

♥ Much love,
Amanda Misaki S.

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