Thursday, 29 September 2011

♥ Hit me with your best shot

So, the other day I wanted to do a video on me with/without makeup.
I swear I can finish make-up within 15-20minutes. Hohoh!
But, something screwed up.
I didn't get to use my laptop webcam to record and my phone was shaky like siao.
So end up, I only took pictures^^
The pictures turn out so nice, I can forsee them becoming my new blog banner. are my before pictures.
Super ugly. I had an outbreak of pimples.
Fugly max.

My eye felt like this o.O. Hahaha!

 To make it even more obvious I only applied base and powder to half my face.
This is a half-makeup face. Already can see the o.O expression very clearly!

With lower eyelash. This shot scares me.
One side look chio. The other side just hits me as aunty tryna act cute. LOL
Hoho and I have finished my makeup.
Camwhore shots below.
Skip this if you like.

Low quality photos.. Blame my phone :p

 Haha, Like a mini photoshoot.

ok la. Basically, I'm just plain looking and not confident without make up.
Yes, so what if I wear make up (very little I sumpah) to school.
It just gives me the confidence to face the world and not hide my face.
Without make up and lenses my head would permanently be facing the floor.
Some girls aren't born pretty.
We have to rely on make up to look prettier.
And even in extreme cases, plastic surgery.
Which reminds me...
Yes my nose very small leh :/ Daddy offered me plastic surgery as my birthday present.
So....SHOULD I? ♥

P.s: I'm wearing eyemazing lashes. Shall review them soon enough. I think I drag this review for far too long already :p 

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