Thursday, 22 September 2011

♥ I can't sleep so I blog

Read the title of the post yet? Hahah!
I'm going to blog random stuff so I'm warning you first!
You can totally skip this part if you like and read my leopardy nails pictorial!
So a few days back I ordered something online...
-Watapachi grape and melon
-Solar charger and iPhone earpiece

If you've seen the list of things to review, you would have seen that I wanted to review watapachi Grape and melon, neruneru soda and grape as well as poppin cookin.
A side note! (^∇^)
I used to sell these DIY gummies and they are 100% edible!
They just don't taste that nice....sometimes :x
I have finished making the poppin cookin- Happy kitchen: Donuts and I'll be blogging about them....
Pretty soon :x

Now, I am pretty tempted to make neruneru soda so I'll probably make them tomorrow :D
Lets hope I'm not too lazy...( ̄^ ̄)ゞ
I can forsee myself buying watapachi and maybe Happy kitchen: Soft cookies again :x
Watapachi: Because I heard its awesome!
Soft cookies: I wanna collect all the mold :x They come in bear and squirrels, elephants and hearts, rabbits and flowers.

Ok, I'm hungry now...
So I'm gonna eat :x

Much loves from,
♥ Amanda Misaki S.

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