Thursday, 22 September 2011

♥ Leopardy nails tutorial

Helloo ~ ♥
I know this post is waaaaaay overdue but here goes! 
Leopardy nails tutorial! :D

What you'll need:
- halved-Pearls
- Polymer pink ribbons
- Pink and gold leopard print Nail stickers
- top coat
- sheer golden polish

Where to get them:
- halved-pearls can get at your nearest DAISO! Yea! ^^ $2 only. I bought like a lot cause I like to stock up :x and apparently they used to have the "Nail" version of gems, flowers and pearls. Now, these halved-pearls can be found at the sticker section as a "zheng-ing" tool for your device^^

- Polymer pink ribbons I got them at a store in FEP (Far East Plaza) . I forgot the store number but its at level 2 and just opposite Talisman! Must go visit! They sell many nail stuff there. Anyway, I got this ribbon in a pack of 12 ( I think) for $3.50 ~

-Pink and golden leopard print nail stickers can get from G-market ~ Woohoo! If you're the type who don't know how to shop on G-market, this seller sells them too (Instock somemore! Shiok!) The G-market price is $3 while the seller sells $3.90. I bought from the seller as I'm impatient and I can't wait for the shipping time from G-market. *hoho*

- Top coat and sheer golden polish can be bought from The Face Shop. I think cost $2.90 if I'm not wrong. Anyway, I just "stole" my mum's polish so yea.. $0! :D

Can see my cui-looking nails! Hahaha! 
Super yellow right?! 
Cause I always wear my polish for 3-4 weeks ( Lazy ma! )
Firstly, its best to wash your hands (Fingernails) with soap to remove the oil on the top of your nail. 
This will allow the sticker to last longer!

The pretty nail sticker! My camera doesn't do it justice.
So now you probably wondering "WHUT? I JUST STICK THAT WHOLE BIG STICKER ON MY NAILS? -.- " 
Yes and...No.
You have to stick the sticker according to the shape of your i-dont-know-how-to-call-it so I shall call it "The white part" (Which I think is called cuticle). 
Then, you take a nail clipper and clip away the excess part. If you're a cheapo like me, you can reuse the excess part on your toe nails if you clip away super carefully^^

So it will look like this. If the edges aren't nice, you can use a nail file to file it evenly.
( LOLOLOL spot the stray hair! :x )
So repeat for all your other white things! ( This is damn TEDIOUS D: )
When you're done, use a sheer golden nail polish to make it look nicer~
Then use a top coat~
* Don't have pictures for this part cause...I'm lazy :x *

For the thumb, I used a ribbon and four pearls (two for each side)
To "glue" them on, just simply add some top coat and stick them on.
Then use a few more layers of top coat to "seal" them.

This is the unfinished version cause I left home to pass some items to a customer! 
Looks really pretty already right!

Then I decided to "zhng" my nails more cause I was in a good mood.
So I pasted a ribbon and added two pearls to my middle finger.
So I can look and feel gorgeous when I point the middle finger at people :x
Repeat for the other side and there you have it!
Chio, gorgeous nails that can last 2 weeks if you never do anything "chor lor"

They look so barbie doll like! And Mr.K thought I went to a salon to have them done and he threw a mini tantrum at me cause I never ask him go along :/
Hahaha! He sounds so adorable doesn't he? :p
Anyway, it will take roughly 1.5h to make these nails? I'm not sure cause I keep dilly-dallying.

*make one nail* *watch youtube videos* *make another nail* *grab biscuit eat* get the idea..

Try them out and tell me how is it! ^^
The seller - Love instock has promo if you buy two nail sticker so go get them now! :D

Much Love from,
♥ Amanda Misaki S.

P.s: Love my new blog banner? :p I think I look nose-less...But its just the flash. And the lighting. 

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