Friday, 2 September 2011

My awesomely awesome leopardy nails

Hello! :D
I will be blogging about my new awesomely awesome leopardy nails! Remember I wanted to do my nails in a manicure parlor and it was in my wish list?
Now, I have super awesome nails that will make all girls jealous!

For those readers that have been with me when I've migrated from blog to blog, you might be able to remember the ice-cream nail art I've done on my hands :) *I lost the picture* D:
But its a good alternative to those boring plain coloured nails so I might be doing a nail tutorial on that. 
For the time being, I'm too obsessed with my current nail art to want anything else on my hands! :D

Ready for the pictures?!
Here they are!

My nails before my manicure :x
Super plain looking isn't it ):
Have stuck with plain beige for the whole poly semester cause I didn't have the time to doll myself up properly...

Sorry for the messy background . Yep.
My room is uber messy after my whole exams has ended. :x 
Holding on to my hot pink rabito tail xD

Aren't they just gorgeous? 
And the best part is they look like gyaru nails don't they? :D
I'm so proud of them!
They are easy to maintain cause its like french manicure so no worries about the "fugly" white part of your nails growing out...
And the best is, they only cost....
Not more than $10!! :D

Seriously...I'm not kidding.
Because I made these nails myself....
That's why I'm so proud of them ^^v
I wanted to do a video tutorial...
But I haven't been wearing make up in like ages and I will just look super weird and ugly in front of a camera so I will be doing a pic-torial instead. 
Currently, my left hand is the one with all the pretty nail art while my right hand is.... 
yea...The first picture. :x

Look out for the upcoming posts cause I'll be doing a pic-torial on my $10 nails!

Much loves,
Amanda Misaki S.


  1. your nails are soooo pretty!! not more than 10$ is economic.

  2. haha they are budget^^
    materials are all easily sourced for~
    do stay tuned for the pictorial to come :p


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