Saturday, 24 September 2011

♥ Review: Happy Kitchen Donuts, NeruNeru Soda & Watapachi Grape: Part 1

Seen the title? You must think I'm crazy!
"Waaaa this girl siao one! One day review so many candies sure kena diabetes" 

Nope, I reviewed these few candies over a few days (actually...a few weeks) so I think I can say I'm safe!
Candies. Candies. Candies! 
So, lets start with the first one: Happy kitchen Donuts!
In case you're wondering " What's the difference between happy kitchen and poppin cookin?" *gives blur face* , I'll take it upon myself to clarify this matter! 
*Clears throat* AHEM! Firstly, happy kitchen sets mostly requires minimal heat (oven) to prepare (more tedious) while poppin cookin does not need any heat to prepare. Happy kitchen mostly makes use of "real" ingredients like flour. Poppin cookin just uses the gummy powder.

I used the word mostly cause the only set of happy kitchen that does not have real flour or need heat to prepare is the Happy Kitchen Donuts (though I wish they would need heat to prepare...).

 The packaging is awesomely adorable *squeals*
Japanese are really really good with their packaging *nods head*

The inner packaging. 
See the dotted lines? Supposedly that whole sheet is supposed to be a place mat. 
For you to serve your "donuts' on ;/
I like the lace patterns ^^
Ok...I didn't use the place mat thinghy cause...I think its unhygienic :/
Instead, I grab my mum plastic green plate from Ikea! :D

 Its cute how they introduce the different varieties of donuts you can make from this little play thing. 
Aren't they simply....edible? :D

 The inside of the little package! Hoho!

I laid out all the things to take a picture. The big brown and orange packets is the "flour" for the donuts (actually its gummy powder). The red,blue and brown packages are the icing. The red is strawberry, the blue is vanilla and the brown is chocolate~
They even include a small bag of sprinkles and the dark blue packets beside the sprinkles is actually the "nuts" on the donuts . LOL.
The plastic bag on top of the mould (white plastic thinghy) is for the icing~

The mould for the donuts is.... Speechlessly adorable. 

Ok this is my....vanilla donuts . LOL!
I know it looks so...lumpy. But it really smells like vanilla!

At this point, my mum came into the kitchen and yelled at me for using the plate :/
Mum: "Why you use my plate for playdough!?"
Me: "Mummy, its edible... :/ "
Mum: "Really meh? ._. "

Then, I ignored her and continued making my donuts. 
Super tedious please! I spend like an hour plus just to make the donuts 
Mainly cause I wanted to take pictures and because I didn't know how to make them so I kept referring to YouTube tutorials :/
And finally they are done!

See the difference :/ I also wished my donuts were as glorious and awesome as they make it out to be ;/
The chocolate icing is actually chocolate syrup and its really really sticky and I made an awesome mess. 
Then I decided I don't wanna open the rest of the icing cause I had enough of playing this things!
So yea, the end products is the ugly (I'M STILL PROUD OF THEM!) donuts on the green plate.

Review on taste: I seriously wish I could bake them or something :/ Because they tasted like uncooked donuts. The gummy tasted lumpy although I have been stirring and stirring for minutes like a mad woman. The vanilla donuts tasted better than the chocolate donuts :/ All in all it wasn't a really pleasant taste experience for my first happy kitchen set but I will not judge because of this failed set. I bought this set ages before I gotten to know more about poppin cookin. Thus, I did not read or hear about the reviews of this particular happy kitchen donuts.
Ok. It is extremely fun but the taste part....heh.

For the rest of the evening after eating three vanilla donuts and one chocolate donuts, I kept tasting the donut rubbery texture in my mouth ;/ And....I think I gotten a slight constipation from eating these candies... Oh well.

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