Sunday, 25 September 2011

♥ Review: Happy Kitchen Donuts, NeruNeru Soda & Watapachi Grape: Part 3

Last review: Watapachi Grape!

A little bit about watapachi. Watapachi is not like poppin cookin/ happy kitchen/ neruneru.
That's because it does not require any form of preparation!
All you need to do is tear open the packaging and you can enjoy the candy!

 Now you must be thinking "Waaa! Buy so many later eat already fat lika ball"
Nope, two wata grape and one wata melon is mine and the rest is my friend~
At this point I must say I feel slightly scammed.
Firstly, Wata melon has more "fluffiness" than wata grape :/

And since I bought two watapachi grape I decided to try them out!
I have been longing to try them ever since "Emmymadeinjapan" did a YouTube video review on this candy.
As you can see, it is produced by Meiji and we all know Meiji produces awesome candies.
So, I have high expectation on this one.

Pretty cool right? The back still has those little game for kids.
If I could read Japanese, I would play the little game at the back xD
Anyway, each packaging has different designs at the back! Hoho!
When I review my watapachi melon I'll be sharing the pic at the back~

*rips open packet*
Look at the soft cotton candy! Quote: "Its so fluffy!"

Review on taste:
This is not your average cotton candy! Don't be fooled by its appearance. There are actually mini crystals and sour powdery thinghy inside. The mini crystal are sweet and the sour powder "pops" in your mouth like the big foot candy (older people like me would know them). 
Some old provision store still have them and they look like this :

Picture taken from google.

The cotton candy and the sour poppy powder and sweet crystal bits really goes well together. Something like sweet and sour. 
I was eating them while blogging and mummy came in. She asked "Whats that sizzling sound?"
So I showed her the candy and explain. Then she grab it, look inside and took one big bite out of the cotton candy :D
And she "sizzled" her way into the kitchen to prepare dinner. 
All in all, its a very enjoyable and extremely tasty sweet. Portion is just enough to share among two people.
You can get them for $1.35 at Plaza Singapura Carrefour or if you are into online shopping/ lazy go out then you can check the link here~
Its an fb page and they sell the watapachi at $2 per packet . 
Which I think its quite affordable cause the seller packaged until super super nice and she even left a handwritten note for me! She even bubble wrap the candy! :o

Now I can't wait to try watapachi melon~

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