Sunday, 25 September 2011

♥ Review: Happy Kitchen Donuts, NeruNeru Soda & Watapachi Grape: Part 2

I thought I could squeeze all my three reviews into a single post but I realised I gotten wordy so I'm splitting up the three candy reviews into three different posts!

A little about the candy I'll be reviewing in this post.
Nerunerunerune or commonly known as neruneru. Quite famous.
Like the poppin cookin, these candies just need a bit of water and they will mysteriously become edible candy~
*wonders what will happen if I pour a whole pack of gummy powder into my mouth and drink a cup of water... *
Neruneru comes in three flavours but there used to be four: melon (no longer in production), soda, grape and strawberry&lemon (new).

I have neruneru soda and grape! So I'll now review neruneru soda.

Like all Japanese DIY candies, they have very clear and precise instructions at the back of the packaging or boxes (I like the word packaging...) .

When I took the stuff out from the packaging (Gosh I swear I love this word), this is how it looks :D

Unpacked and arrange it just for photos~
Can see it being labelled there. Packet 1, 2 and 3.
I really do not know what packet 1 and 2 are but packet 3 is definitely the candy bits that goes with the foam foam thing.

I swear that one small triangle thing filled with water is enough to make your gummy! First packet smells like ramune (or isit ramu). Either way, it smells like Japanese soda. If you wanna taste Japanese soda can buy from Daiso. I'll try and see if my nearby Daiso has it and I will review it.
For those unfamiliar with ramu taste, this flavour will come across as weird :/

See! Told you one triangle of water was enough to make the gummy.
The yellow solution thing is really in liquid form. No traces of it being a gummy...yet.
Ramu is supposedly blue and this yellow.

Add packet 2 in andddddd....
(Ok maybe its just me but packet 2 reminds me of pancake...meh :/ )

Packet two is some weird blue crystal thing.

After adding packet 2 and stirring for awhile,  the yellow solution thing turn blue and the texture resembles gummy foam~

Packet number three is the bits that complements the gummy foam you've made.
From the packaging I thought it was marshmallow but it turned out to be those hard pellets in soda flavour.

And there you have it!~
Neruneru soda!

Review on taste: It taste exactly like ramune (Japanese soda). It has that slightly tangy and soda-ish flavour. Like a mix of sprite and lemonade :/ 
I don't like the pellet cause the pellets are uber hard and doesn't really complement the ramune foam.
I ate the foam by itself and I think it already taste awesome! :3 
Its a must buy if you're into ramune flavours! And if you're not, I recommend the grape flavour~

*abrupt ending*

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