Sunday, 4 September 2011

Small mini advertorial for Poiseliese

Hey people!

Want unique stuff at a super reasonable and affordable price?
Visit poiseliese!

They are currently having a giveaway and I bet you'll fall in love with all their awesomeness! The seller is a super nice person! I can talk a lot to her and she won't find me irritating xD
In fact, you can 100% trust her! She always give prompt updates on the status of the preorder batches so no worries about waiting AGES just to get a reply on your item status!

So far I ordered a few things from her! Can't wait for the grab bag to come! Its plain awesome luh!
Can you believe a simple grab bag of $24.90 has such awesome apparels like this....

Still not convinced she's awesome?
Her preorder 3 is wallets and I ordered the black one.

So classy right?!
Waaaait for the awesome price...

I bought it for $78.20?
Siao uh -.- I where got so rich. Poiseliese sell at only $25.90! Shiok a not? save don't know how much! And its authentic! Even comes with the original box!

Visit now, shop with her now!
Don't regret!


  1. Heheh you're welcome ^^
    will make another when I get my dress! can;t wait!~


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