Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Trends I ♥ to see in Singapore

Call me crazy but I really wish I can see more Lolita and Gothic Lolita in Singapore street. Maybe its my recent anime craze: Rozen Maiden ;/

Aren't they cute? 
But this craze for Lolita has never ever cease in my heart. 
It started when I was in sec 1 and I saw this segment on popteen or some Japanese magazine that features the Lolita trend.
I came close to cosplaying when I was sec 3 just to be able to adorn the super frilly, lacy and dolly like dresses !

Anyway more about this trend. 
Its not common in Singapore at all! Unless the characters you're cosplaying is one of the Rozen maidens or some anime with dolls in it.
And if you wear this get up and stride around Orchard Road, you're most likely to be stared at.
*screams* Its very common in Japan! 

I can understand why this trend isn't popular in Singapore.
Can you imagine girls with boots, lacy dresses, bonnets and parasols strutting Singapore streets? ;/
But! I really hope that Singaporean won't stare till their eyes pop out when they see some Lolita strutting the streets.
Hey! It takes guts to wear this ok!

More about this style: Lolita theme is roughly split into different sections. 
You have the darker " Gothic Lolita" . They focus on dark materials for their attire. All black dresses, black shoes, etc. Their make up is super heavy! To know an anime character taking after the gothic lolita just google "Suigintou" . Hiak Hiak. 

The second is the "Cute and sweet Lolita". They focus on light coloured materials like pastel pink, blue , yellow. Have extremely "pouffy" hairdos and doll-like makeup. Can google "Hinaichigo" to see an example of the anime version. 

I think thats about it. I'm not an expert but I would love to see this style in Singapore even if its just for a short while. 

Psst...Maxi dresses have been trending in Japan since forever! And its only now that you see maxi dresses in Singapore ;p

Below are more pictures of the Lolita trend:
*All credited to Google*

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