Friday, 21 October 2011

♥ ANOTHER update ;x

Please don't get mad at me.
I haven't been up to taking pictures and it just bores me when I have to blog without a picture.
Recently just opened a new lens bottle~
Its Candylicious Bambi Blue and I loveeee it!
Review of it will be posted soon.
I'm in love with the bambi series and so far I think the bambi blue are so pretty!
In fact, they are waaaaaay prettier than the bambi browns I have ;x
Here is the design of the Candylicious lens bottle!

Soooo chio right?! ♥
So far, only seen one agent who sells this :x
I bought it at $18/pair and yes, I was so impatient to get my hands on it.
Too impatient...
I didn't even get to snap a picture of the lens cap and the lens inside the bottle ;(

Will also be reviewing some skincare product kindly sponsored by The Sample Store.
Sigh, my skin is getting from bad to worse...
Have been having late nights, stress and millions of blackhead, so I hope this helps :/

♥Amanda Misaki

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