Monday, 31 October 2011

♥ Baby, tell me you love me

I'm currently watching Primeval while blogging this :D
who watches primeval?! 
*Super enthu*
Ok, maybe I'm the only geek :/

Anyway, had some guilty indulgence yesterday :x
I bought subway home from the local mall after running some errands for my dad and I was so tempted to eat some ice cream when I got home.
Turns out, I still had a full tub of my fav mint ice-cream!~
Mr.K hates mint ice cream. (WEIRDDDDDOOOOO~)

I swear this is super good :)
Minty and chocolate-y! Just the right mix~♥
And as always, I needed to camwhore with my favourite ice cream~

I have puffy cheeks~
Anyway, I have been much more daring to go without my foundation and with my center parting because most of my horrible pimples is cleared.
Will be blogging about the amazing products I have been sponsored and my take on them!

Horrible quality photos~
Sorry :/ 
Mum stole my camera for her trip to LA. 
Yep, she is in LA and she bought me lots of things so I'll be blogging about my new hauls and some new items I gotten recently~
I heard she gotten me the Limited edition Hello Kitty eyelashes that I have been wanting ever since I set eyes on them~
And! Some Sephora eyeliner^^

Since I had some subway cookies I smash them up and mix them with my minty ice-cream~
*I'm happy girl*
But I feel so fat after that :(
Anyway, I had the greatest Japanese dinner today~
Sushi~ Mr. K actually promised me a sushi treat and even nuggets but he has yet to fulfil his promises :(

Looks super appetising doesn't it? :3
For some reason, I can't seem to finish my triangle riceball (onigiri)
So, I always end up eating it for breakfast :)
Anyway, I'm gonna finish watching my primeval and take a shower before I start on an advertorial for this uber-cute blogshop!~
See ya in a while~

♥Amanda Misaki

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