Wednesday, 12 October 2011

♥ Confession of a crazy shopper: Part 2

"Congratulations, Amanda Misaki S. , you have bested yourself yet again!" I sigh to myself.
Yes, I have broke a new record. I spend a lot today.
Probably the most in these past few months..

So, you are probably wondering: "So, going to escape theme park makes you spend a fortune there?"
*gives skeptical look*
Nope! So let me first say, that Singapore is a very budget conscious country. Reason being?
Escape theme park doesn't operate on MONDAYS-FRIDAYS cause not a lot of students/children/adult would go there. Its not a touristy place so I understand. But can you imagine how upset I was when I missed the small print on their website?! "Operates only on sat, sun, public holidays" That is how small the fine print was below their prominent "OPERATING HOURS". Meh :/

Stupid little me and stupid little me's friend dragged ourselves out of bed, and proceeded to take the train from one side of Singapore, to the other side of Singapore. *grumbles* And because of the new distance fare thing, I wasted like $4 on concession -.-
Really unfair that poly students are considered adult (fares) :( I mean an adult definition is : One can smoke, drink, party, hook up with mr/ms left, right, centre and go home at 4am without being yelled at by your parents.

Ok, so we ate breakfast at Pasir Ris shopping mall (I really don't know what that mall is called...I think its called White Sands) then we took a bus to Escape theme park. Realizing it is close, we made our way to Tampines mall. I WAS quite proud of myself then.

Only bought two new lipgloss and one new mascara for $6 in total. So obviously, I'm happy as can be with my great savings!
Then after the movie we headed to Bugis and that's when some machine gun shot a HUGE-ASS hole in my pocket.

Bugis- A mini shopping paradise for girls who know where to look for affordable yet superbly good quality clothings. Trust me, second and third floors are always the floor with the best and slightly pricier clothes. So, the "wallet-slaughter" began.

Walked around and found the furry leopard prints iPhone casing ($10) I wanted so I bought it. *TOTALLY essential*
Proceeded to the second floor and saw this awesome cute bag for $23. Managed to bargain my way to a $20. *worth it*
Walked around and saw this skirt which I have been longing for since don't know when! $10 too~ So I bought it.

In total, I spend more than that..Lets see.
withdrew $40 and spend all.
$40+$20+$16.30+$5+$10=$91.30 :/
Today, I spend $91.30 :{
Bested myself in these few months. The most I spend was $50 the other time? And now, awesomely, I spend so much..

I can't be saved anymore.....
Be right back with a new post tonight/tomorrow about the outing in finer details and pictures of my loots.

♥Amanda Misaki S.
The i-can-never-ever-be-saved-shopaholic

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  1. Great that the Escape Theme Park at Downtown East will be redeveloped. The current rides are quite boring already. Read more about it here.


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