Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Confession of a crazy shopper

I know I'm posting again. No pictures cause I'm using my mobile blogging app. So as you can see, the title is sadly depressing to me.

Maybe it's just me, but I can't take it when there are so many things I can buy. And the list keeps growing. I think it's true when they say you have unlimited wants :(

So, the reason for this post, is to confess that I have a major problem. I have a problem controlling my shopping urges. I always let my emotions and head run wild when I'm place within a mile radius of anything pink, has nice packaging and just look nice.

I relate a hell lot to that girl in the movie "confession of a shopaholic" and I really think I must be her long lost sister (in Asia).

I always see an item which looks real nice and picture myself in it. And this is my mentality "This will surely look nice on me!" *continue imagining* And I'll end up buying it.
Why am I born so fickle minded?Well, I just got the urge to spend. And it goes according to my emotions. The more upset/happy/bored/trollololol I am, the more I will tend to spend.
I thought the holidays would meant I'll be confined to home and I won't be able to shop at all.

Hoho. Guess what?
In between playing dragon nest and leveling up my character, I use my iPhone to surf through different blogshop to find the best deal.

And I'll always celebrate when I triumph over my "evil side" whenever I resist the temptation to buy an item.
Sigh, I'm hopeless aren't I?

Guess now is the time to start searching for a Job and earn some money :/

Btw, I'm gonna hold a mini blog sales! All proceeds will go into my shopping fund so I can recoup my "losses" (shopping fund) :) heh heh. Items are mainly brand new so spread the word! :D

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