Thursday, 13 October 2011

♥ A day out: Misadventure

So, as promised, the post about my day out with bestie.
Note: No camwhore pictures because I look absolutely ...ghastly.
We were going to Escape theme park thus I wasn't exactly dressed up like a doll ;/
I woke up at 8am and prepared. And since we were supposed to go to escape theme park, I dressed up really casually. Wore the couple tee that I have with Mr. K and a blue shorts. I even carried a bagpack. LOLOLOL.

Met bestie and we took the train to Pasir Ris. Bukit Batok- Pasir Ris = super long ride.
Luckily we found ourselves some "Non-priority" seats.
As we were reaching Pasir Ris, bestie commented "OMG! Why here so ulu one? LOOK at the pavement! You can practically drive two cars side by side and still have some space!"
But seriously...the pavement was HUGE.

Reached Pasir Ris and had breakfast at mac. I managed to tempt her into getting a breakfast set :D
There were...a lot of birds there. I commented on this after some crows and pigeons tried to steal my egg mcmuffin.
To which she replied "What do you expect? Its the countryside...." LOLOL.
Ate and went to the ATM to pay for some new loots :D

 So cute right?!

And the hoodie too! Hoodie is imported one! Can't wait to get it :D

After that, we went to ETP but realised the place was closed -.-
Bestie got super pissed off and we headed to tampines mall. The mall is super huge! There's Tamp 1, Tamp 2 and Tamp mall. We went to the one with the GV  cinema and caught Shark night :)

Since we had some time to kill, we decided to walk around. Walked to BHG and Isetan and tried on shoes (a ploy to get some seats haha xD ). Then found this super small shop that sold everything at $2!!
I saw this mickey mirror and hello kitty pouch that I wanted to get but resist and got myself three items from there. Two new lipgloss and one new lengthening mascara. Spend a total of $6 there.

Couldn't resist those lipgloss because of the packaging. I love the leopard printed one!! :D
Will/ might be doing a review on my new loots soon :)

After the movie, we headed to bugis. I wasn't dressed nicely enough for Bugis! *wails*
Luckily Mr. K wasn't there to see my ugly self trolling around Bugis street.
Bestie was so tempted to get herself a new cardigan (she has A LOT of cardigans at home).
And I gotten myself a new iPhone casing!~
No blings this time....Its leopard prints!
I really love leopard prints :D

Its $10 non-nego so yea x.x Bought it cause I was looking for it :>
Plan to buy something from GlamChicBling to make it nicer and more "Amanda-ish".
After touring the first floor we headed up to search for Kaykay new shop!~
I swear Bugis street level 1 clothes aren't all that awesome. Bugis street level 2 and 3 sells awesome stuff!
They have lace stuff and chiffon materials! :D and most expensive is arounf $30 plus? :/ still much more affordable than all the "real" retail prices.

Walked around level 2 and got myself a new bag for $20. I bargained!

Then walked around. I saw these super cute flats and I really really love it but it is $32.80 I think? And yea...I'm half broke by then.
Kaykay store is on level 3 and I LOVE HER STORE! :D
She has fur covered shelfs that are so precious! My gosh! Its a pity we didn't get to see her and I didn't want to be a suaku and take a picture of her store. So you guys have to visit her blog or visit her store! :D

Bought this cute skirt :x
I know it isn't really in the trend now but I have lots of chiffon top and they go really well. Here's one coordinate that I figured out when I gotten home.

Pretty right?! Haha! :x
And after the whole Bugis trip I was too lazy to go anywhere and so we all decided to head home.

Random picture: This is the plastic bag that the shop keeper (bag) gave me! :D
Its so cute *gushes*

♥Amanda Misaki S.

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