Sunday, 30 October 2011

♥ Review: Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner

I know this is a super old review that I always wanted to blog about ><
I know this past few days, I have only been blogging tiny update posts and candy reviews. Heh!
So, I shall update my blog with a review!~

Haha super old picture of me with my super love eyeliner~♥
Maybelline HyperSharp liner

This is the second time I've bought this liner and I officially swear by it :D
The first time I bought it was in Malaysia, it only costs like RM19.90 which is SGD 8. 
And I almost cried when I saw how much it cost in Watsons
SGD 19.90 -.-
WOW. Watsons really earned a lot eh :/
Ok, enough ranting About the price 
But now, you know, if you wanna get it, go Johor to get ;p
*Cheapo max*

This is the back of the packaging :)
Its in JAPANESE yo!!
Maybelline Hypersharp liner is a pen-like liquid liner not the pot type
My first liner was an etude house pot type liquid liner and its so hard to control :(
I seriously think this can be compared to DollyWink liquid eyeliner!
Because the tip of this liner is only 0.05mm!
So freaking precise!~

Please forgive my blemishes :(
Look at my eye! Damn chio right?!
The liquid liner is so precise and I will always be able to draw the kind of eyeline that I want! ^^
The liner glides on easily too and it is well pigmented.
Here are some pictures taken of me with my super fav eyeliner~
Self-portrait time. 
I recycled pictures :p

The tip is fine enough to draw those korean eyeline and it can also give you a gyaru look~♥
Isn't that such a big love?
It can also be used to draw those teardrop eye make which is so popular in Japan!

In summary,

♡♡ Maybelline Hypersharp liner ♡♡♡ 
 Quality: 9/10  (So far, the best liquid eyeliner I've used, but I have yet to try dollywink liner so I shall rate it as 9/10 for now)

 Ease of application: 9/10  (Glides on super well and is pigmented throughout)

Waterproof: 9/10 (Doesn't budge when water touches it, smudge slightly when you're crying though :/ maybe its just my tears)

 Rub Test8/10 (Budge slightly after long hour of usage but I think its just cause I didn't use a primer)
Pocket-friendly: 6/10 (Maybe I feel scammed cause Malaysia is selling them so cheap-ly, but its the same price as a DollyWink liquid liner on ShopOnBlog ^^ )

Shall end off my review here....
Look at my hair~ Chio a not? :p
Home shorts ;}

♥  Amanda Misaki

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