Friday, 14 October 2011

♥ Review: Neru Neru Grape

Do you guys remember the neruneru soda/ramune review? :D
If not, you can click here to read about how to make it (:

This will just be a quick taste review on the neruneru grape. Neruneru series comes in three flavours- Neruneru soda, neruneru grape and neruneru mystery. There used to be neruneru melon but it has been discontinued.

Neruneru grape,like the neruneru soda ,only needs a small amount of water to "transform" to candy :D

This is the outer packaging of the neruneru grape. 
かわいい ? ♥
Like the neruneru soda, this package contains a spoon to mix and taste your goodies, three packets. So, I opened the first packet and poured the contents into the round thing and add a triangle bit of water.

The white powder in packet one immediately turns blue when a bit of water is added in.
When you have stirred properly, the mixture should look as blue as this. 
You guys will probably say " This is grape?!?!?!"
More like blueberry or ramune right?!

Add in powder 2 now~

And we stir~ Mixture(thin liquid form) turns into foam~
Grape foam *whispers*

Not only does it turn into foam, it turns purple! ^^
And continue stirring...
stir, stir, stir...

This is the end product~ 
Just add the packet 3 (crystal candies) to the guy shape container and you're all set to eat your delicious gummy!

An artistic shot using hipstamatic :D
So if you noticed, neruneru soda has these pellet thingy which are super super hard to bite into and they tasted weird. 
I prefer the neruneru grape "side dish" which are the sugar coated crystals. 
And since the sugar coated crystals was so delicious, I mixed them into the grape foam!

Taste review:
I prefer the neruneru grape to the neruneru soda. This is a much more acceptable flavor in singapore as we all know the taste of grapes.
The first spoonful of foam hits you with a "bam!".
Reason being: Its too sweet!
I shared this with my sister so it was fairly acceptable. 
The crystals goes really well with the foam and the general experience reminded me of the watapachi grape.
I half expected the crystals to start sizzling in my mouth like the watapachi grape but yea they are not the same  x.x
I don't know if its just me, but the foam tasted warm:/
I think it has something to do with the chemical involved in this process? 
It is best served cold so I chuck it in the fridge after a few chomps and had it after dinner.
Overall, a great taste experience. 
If you want to try your hands at neruneru, then I recommend this flavor cause I think its very delicious!
Though a tad too sweet :x

♥ Amanda Misaki S.

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