Monday, 10 October 2011

♥ Review: Poppin Cookin Gummyland

So, I'm back with another Poppin Cookin review since its my holidays.
I'm seriously almost broke because I've been buying every single set :p
But, I do it out of the love of all things cute and Japan-ish.
And I seriously need a sponsor for these candies...
Else I'll only be buying two sets every month :/

So, a look at my collections: 

Been using this new app and I love the effect of the photo produced  :p

So, lets start with the review proper. 
Poppin Cookin Gummyland. This is a set that allows you to DIY your very own gummy.
I fell in love with this because of the packaging and the thrill of making your own gummy! Haha!

So here's the packaging! Awesomely cute isn't it? 
Unlike the other poppin cookin, this set is not packaged in a box.
Here's a look at whats inside!

I had hoped I would get some cute whales, rabbits or something. 
Instead I gotten the "boy" set :/
But I won't complain anymore...Cause I have wailed quite a lot to my mum :x
And I don't know if it was just me, but I could smell grapes when I opened the package

Pop the shapes out! Love them cause they are not flimsy!
I'm definitely recycling these to make chocolates or even cookies~

So this is the tray that contains the powder to make your gummies and the basic colours to colour your gummies :o
And you're all set to make your gummy!

Sorry for those dark little circles below :/
They are actually green, orange, dark purple and dark brown.
Yep, I mixed the basic colours to get even more colours(:
Apparently they said that each colour would taste different...Lets see.
Anyway, the yellow colour is lemon, red is grape (LOL) and blue is ramune~
I started with the wishing star since it is the only mould with the "girl" vibe
And after that, I continued with the rest of the shapes.
 You have to wait a while for the powder to "turn" to gummies and I think its some chemical in the colouring that "solidify" the gummies 

I made about 8 gummies with this set though I bet you can make more with it. 
Sort of wasted the gummy powder when the fan blew the powder into my eyes 
Yea I know kinda failed right :/
I drip too much and it soak to the surrounding gummy powder so there's this outline all around each gummy x.x
Mr. K asked me "Whats that?o.O" when I send him this picture :(
And when I told him it was the failed gummies he laughed at me. So mean!
*throws tantrum*

Onto the taste review!~
Firstly, they taste awesome! Seriously, these gummies tasted like gummies (DUH!)
They are slightly sour like those bear and cola gummies you can get outside and they are really chewy
*chew chew chew*
About the different flavours and different colours...Well, lets just say they taste the same to me.
I thought I was gonna hate the yellow colour parts cause I don't like lemon but they tasted ok!
Fed them to my sister and she liked it too.
Although she laughed at them when I point out the different shapes to her :(

Now, if you are afraid that poppin cookin sets taste horrible, I definitely recommend this set because it is seriously very very nice. 
And for those mummy who wants to get a little present for their kids, buy this!
They can learn how to make different colours and even different shapes of animals etc.
Each packet comes with a different mould so I feel like "tikam tikam" when I bought this!

I'll be back with another candy review soon so thats about it for now.

♥ Amanda Misaki S.


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  2. That's interesting! The set can b brought in SIN?

  3. Hi^^
    Yeap^^ they can be bought in Sg online stores (: try :D
    She sells the most cheapest poppin cookin in Sg (;


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