Saturday, 29 October 2011

♥ Review: poppin cookin sushi

So, I haven't been updating at all because my laptop crashed and died on me... :(
And thus, I'm blogging with the official blogger app on iTunes :D

As you can see, I'm back with another poppin cookin review~
and I'm super excited about this one because it seems to be the most popular of all poppin cookin sold(:
This is the poppin cookin sushi set although its Japanese name is super long :/
It actually complements the obento kit (Which I have yet to buy :/ )
Supposedly this is in grape flavour (budou~) and I wonder if its true^^

Its lopsided :/
meh... nothing I can do about that for the time being xD
This is the old packaging of the sushi set. 
The new ones, look like this

The new ones come with the soya sauce that adds to the "sushi" feeling..
I'm blogging this post at 12:51 am and I'm starting to feel hungry :(
That's where I get all my Japanese candies and goodies from xD

So, here' the packaging.
Like always there this plastic place mat thing to give you ambience...
But I NEVER use it :/

Here's what is inside the whole kit. 
A whole variety of sachets, dropper, and a sushi mould.

I will include the link to the youTube tutorial I've used in helping me create this lovely sushi~ ^^
This sushi kit is super tedious so only make them when you're super super extremely bored at home and you've nothing to do but make fake replica gummy sushi... ._.
Can tell its tedious righttttt?
Just look at the amount of packets they give!

But I have to admit that the creator of poppin cookin are super innovative...
FTW....this really does look like rice doesn't it?!?!
And this rice thinghy taste like some tropical fruit mix...
Meh :/

The yellow thing is my tamago (Egg) and the red thing is my salmon :o 
These jellies sure solidify really fast so try to stir them and spread them evenly before you take pics of them...
Else, you'll end up with a thicker tamago on one end and a thinner tamago on another :/

The supposedly 3/4 finished product~
What's left is the ikura (fish egg)~
Now, the making of the ikura is the most fun and peculiar and I actually took a video (bad quality :x) 
of the whole process....
I wonder if I am able to upload it when my computer is finally up and running :/
But if you can't wait, can check out the YouTube video I'll be posting together with this post (:

And after a super long time, rolling out the seaweed needed for ikura sushi and placing all the ikura on each sushi balls, I came up with this! :D 
I know its a failed attempt but I'm really proud of them D:

I actually had another salmon sushi but it broke into half :/
So, for picture sake, I decided not to put it in :(
And now, a few pictures of me with my cute sushi~

On their taste:
-Tamago tastes like vanilla and I do not like the texture of the rice... :/ 
So, it actually taste like vanilla and some tropical fruit thing :/
-Salmon tastes like artificial grape although the texture is nothing to be happy about.  Its wet and slightly slimy :/ Abit like the REAL salmon but in grape flavour :D
-I have to say I love the ikura sushi best! :D
Ikura outer "seaweed" is a grape flavoured hi-chew thing. It complements really nicely with the whole sushi and I really loved it.
-The last mixed sushi (IDK the name :x LOL) has these sour sprinkles on top and I love the sprinkles
(SPAAAAAAAAM) But again, the texture of the rice ruin the whole taste experience.

With the taste review, I'll end off here.
I hope you guys will leave me comments and formspring questions :D
Looking forward to hearing about YOUR poppin cookin experience (:
Products in the above reviews are bought using my own money and is therefore, not an advertorial of any kind~
I'll recommend this set if you're really bored at home as its really fun to make.
I won't recommend binging on all these though :x
Though I ate all (can't waste food). 
If you're scared of trying them, just eat the ikura sushi.
Definite YUM! 
I actually used the sprinkles to complement the rice :x
Hope that helps!

Here's the video of the poppin cookin sushi :D
Have Fun!!

♥ Amanda Misaki

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  1. Hi amanda, the japanese do always come out with cuter and cuter things including food. Even though i don't fancy sushi so much, the packaging, the colours and the tidiness of the whole thing makes one really wanna try it. Try it, i will. Pls do drop by for my story for Halloween.


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