Saturday, 26 November 2011


So, I haven't been updating and this post will be spammed with so much pictures, you guys will get sick at my face for days and days and maybe months :B

Anyway, was out today with mum and sister and took a few shots.
This really inspired me to make a mini banner~

Nice right?!?!
Haha! And this picture is my new fb dp :B

Freakish? Noseless? Ghostly? 
Yea I like that a lot~
I bought like a new denim shorts at Far East for only $10!?
And looks damn chio laaaa. New year clothes :p

Took this a few days back.
I was out with mum at IMM ;)
I realise I have close to 20 pairs of lashies... Maybe more than that and thus, I'm wearing falsies likea mad
Everyday wear!
Except when I go to school :p
Anyway, the above pairs are the hello kitty ones! Aren't they gorgeous?
Look super natural and pretty leh! Got that teardrop eye effect that Popteen models always have!

I seriously need bottom falsies ._.
Speaking of which, Tsu-chan recently launched her new line of falsies and I'm so tempted to get them!
Cause her packaging is so chio! Its like onee-gyaru x that paris feel.

See my chio accessory, the ribbon necklace I'm nomming on?
Yea, proudly sponsored by Cute Little Strawberries! :3
Super chio right? Do you know that they have over 100 plus different designs of accessories?
And they sell magazine bags at super cheap price la!
Fred perry winter edition @ $18 only leh!
Other place I see selling that at $40?!?!?!?! 
And they evern have envelope clutches @ only $15!
And hor, guess how much the accessories are priced for....

And its those damn chio accessories like the peace connector ring, moustache connector ring!
Other blogshop selling @ $5-$8/ring they sell @ $3.50!

So, if you're gonna look for some chio accessories to go with your Chinese New Year clothes, why not shop at Cute Little Strawberries!
Definitely won't regret! The owner so good leh! Super friendly!
And get your friends to buy with you, cause with 15 accessories, you get free registered postage :D

And one last thing, like their facebook page because they often have AWESOME giveaway!


Thought I would spam pictures but I realise I don't have much pictures to spam...
Meh ;/
Instead gave readers more place to spend their money :B
Haha! Happy shopping people!

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