Friday, 18 November 2011

Inspiring Japanese Drama

So, I'm back with a post.
Haven't been really cheerful this past few days. Oh well.
Anyway, if you followed me on twitter, you would know why ._.
And you will also know I'm watching this super sob story entitled "one litres of tears"
I admit to watching this drama three times already. 
First time, I stopped halfway because it was too darn sad.
The second time, I decided to sit through the whole drama. 
Damn. I cried and cried and cried.. 
Jerome was with me and he was watching "porn" while I was crying away at my drama -.-
And I was so motivated to learn Japanese because of Aya-nee and thus, gotten Jin Sensei to teach me a few words.
Arigatou! Sumimasen sensei~

Back to the point, I was really motivated to watch this series cause I needed to find a motivation in life again.
And I needed the strength to carry on smiling day after day.
Thus, I'm here to blog about Aya-nee and her story

What's one litres of tears all about?
-Its about this 15 year old girl (SHE IS DAMN CHIO PLEASE) who contracted a disease called spinocerebellar atrophy and this causes her to slowly lose all movements in her limbs. She would have trouble eating and breathing which might cause her life to be endangered.

What do I admire about her?
-Well for starters, she is super strong. Even though she is only 15 and contracted an incurable disease she continues to do the things she love and do the things she is able to do.

There are some really meaningful quotes:
Aya chan asked her mother "Okaasan, will I ever get married?" Gosh *sniffles*
"Why did this disease choose me?" 
Ok, won't rant on and on about all this. 
But if you guys have nothing to do, watch this drama.
Its the best drama I ever watched...

And, leave a comment when you're done or if you have watched it before :D 
Tell me how many ml/ litres of tears have you dropped for Aya.
Cause I know I cried a litre.... ._.

Sorry for the short post
Gomen nasai~ 

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