Tuesday, 8 November 2011

It was all just a lie.

Depressing title? :/
Yea I know ._. But I'm not EMO.
I swear I'm not.
Actually wanted to do up this post by yesterday night, but I was busy chiong-ing my last minute tutorial for NSS.
But seriously ._. That module I catch no balls.
So, I wanted to do up another post about my mini loots again :/
Yes, shopaholic woes. But I decided to do up a post of my new recent pictures :D
And, the second reason why I haven't and shall not do my loot post is because I'm waiting for a few more items to make it look more substantial. :D

So, here are some fresh pictures.
And no, I'm not pretty in real life, I'm not that slim in real life and I do not have such good hair day in real life.
I'm just like other people, I'm flawed in my own ways and that's what makes me unique and different from others.
Appreciate and embrace your flaws and you'll never be concerned or bothered by people who "hate" you.
Meh ;/ ok life's lesson.

My eyebags are seriously...FTW!
And its cause of some nightmare I had of my baby boy ._.
I miss his warm hugs....

I would love to go back to a time when Love is a special feeling shared by two people who feel a connection with each other. Not a physical attraction.
I know I love him and I know he loves me too.
Sometimes, I feel like #fml cause my pictures are prettier than what I am in real life ._.

And, I look more..."foreigner-ish" (Ok, I make no sense) in photos 
I have people actually addressing me as Misaki or Amanda Misaki or Miss Misaki. 

To clarify things: I'm not pretty, I never said I was. I'm not slim, so please don't say I am. 
I'm not short even if I do look so in photos.
Trust me, photos are all a lie.
I have "friends" who look gorgeous and chiozxc but when we finally meet up for the first time.
"omfgzxcvbmdh. Who are you man?"
And, I have friends who are so insecure with the way they look, they photoshop every single thing. 
From their eyes, nose, face shape, hair colour, lip shape, etc.. Till they no longer look like themself.
And me, I don't have that skill. 
What I have, is a good knowledge of which angle makes me the most prettiest.  acceptable looking.
And, I'm therefore a  scam and I sometimes think Mr.k thinks I scam him too ;/
(We met on fb :o )
Ok, I wish to learn photoshop...
Then I can make my nose looks more ang-moh :p

Ending off on a less serious note.
I sometimes joke with Mr.k that I love him cause I wanna "breed" babies that look perfect.
He has small eyes and I have big eyes.
He has a very pretty nose and I have a small piggy  cute nose. 
And, he is freaking slim while I'm fat as hell huggable :D

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