Saturday, 12 November 2011

A late 11/11/11 post

So, I wanted to do this post yesterday, 11/11/11.
But I was battling my phobia for lizards and all things creepy crawlies ._.
And thus, I'm rushing out a post before falling asleep :D

I wanted to do a mini post but I think I would disappoint many people with all my mini updates :(
So, I decided to be random and squish two post into one :/
So, the other day, I tweeted that I was hauling a whole deal of stationary for school (shall do a mini adv for this special little shop soon).
Then mummy brought me to IMM and I gotten myself a new pencil case from Daiso~
Thus, today's post will be......
*Plays epic music*
What's in my pencil case!~
yea, I know ._. Random. Meh .

My blue and super fluffy pencil case! 
Mad love it cause its so soft and fluffy! 
I was seriously in a dilemma when choosing it cause there was light pastel pink and this light pastel baby blue.
Settled for the baby blue ones cause it matched my current iPhone casing :D
And see that white fluff ball?
Yep, comes with the pencil case :D
Bought it at Daiso for $2! Mad cheap laaaaaa~ 
Go get yours now! 

When I opened my pencil case~
Can see so many rilakkuma goodies ;)

My miscellaneous items, random blue rubber band to tie my hair/biscuits ._.
i-banking with a LED rilakkuma keychain
Rilakkuma ruler - bought at Art Box. Forgot the price ._.
I really do adore the brown bear ._.
Don't believe?

My collection of Rilakkuma stationary.
Ok, the middle one isn't a 100% rilakkuma stationary ._.
First pen bought from Takashimaya Tangs - $2.90 
This is a reasonable price because, its limited edition yo! 
And, its mad adorable~ *pouts*
Second pen bought from stationary hauls - $0.90
Third is a highlighter/pen from Little Tokyo in LA.

Moving on to my fun pens.
Shall call them fun pens cause they are more entertaining and for decorative usage/normal work?
First pen is a maze pen~
So, I usually play around with my pen when I'm superbly bored and don't understand what the lecturer is trying to say.
Second is a rainbow pen. 
I used to want one in primary school but I didn't know where to get one.
Proud owner of a rainbow pen now ;p

My super girly pens.
I love polka dots and I can't resist this ._.

Sensible pens. 
Yep, I do have sensible pens like this. 
G1 pen, Sarasa pen and style fit pen.
I like changing the colours of my pen. Don't mind me ._.

My pencils~
Mamegoma pencil in baby blue colour~
Matches my pencil case and extremely cute! *gushes*
Princess crown mechanical pencils that matches my pearl iPhone casing~
Mad love it laaaaa~
And these two mechanical pencils are seriously good! Not like those Pasar Malam type ._.

And, that's what's in my pencil case :D
Which brings me to scream about how awesome Daiso is!

Gotten this leopard printed furry makeup pouch from Daiso!
Seriously in a diilemma cause there was the darker printed pouch and this colour ones.
So, I stood there for like 3 mins just staring at the pouch ._.
Haha! Super good buy leh :/
And I gotten my furry pencil case from there too!
Anyway, my fynale lenses arrived today! :D
Mad excited! My very first pair of fynale lenses!

*spam picture*
The lens bottle design is like a chio right?!
Shall take more tmr! :D
(Seriously though, my iPhone photo album has 1930 photos ._. )
And guess what colour are my fynale lenses?!

Outrageous RED!
I finally decided to get a pair of red lenses because I was bored of colours like- brown, grey, blue, green ._.
RED! is a good change! :D
And I'm getting a pink lens soon :D

And, this was on my twitter ._.

Call me crazy but I bought 100 fimo sticks for $19.
That's like $0.19/stick
Cheaper than the first time I bought a fimo stick ($1.20/stick ...FML -.- )
I have been happily slicing them up after the horrible ordeal with the lizard ._.
I think it makes me look demented slicing fimo sticks and ranting to myself :
"Go away lizard, don't mess with me"
Fimos are nail things you can stick on to make 3d nail art!~
I'm heading out with sister and mummy tomorrow~
Yippie! Shall sleep now!

Good Night! Oyasumi Nasai~

P.S: I would like to thank those 53 viewers who viewed my blog yesterday.
Sorry for the lack of updates ><
I promise I'll do better~

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