Thursday, 3 November 2011

♥ Loots, Hauls and Sprees

Remember the other time, I complained that mummy wasn't home and I'm all alone at home with an over active imagination?
Mummy's back! :D
And she brought back tons of things from LA~ 
I can't even decide which I like best cause I like them all :)

I know look very messy! I just dumped everything on my bed for the time being :D

Super proud of my new coach loot! :D
Can put my handphone and all my little cards when I'm out shopping at Orchard.
Mummy bought this :D
Using her own pocket money.. I love her ttm!

Purple colour snake skin wallet from Aldo. 
Super mad love this too!
Cause there's like a lot of compartment for me to stash all my money and cards :D
But I recently gotten a new wallet...So, I shall put this on hold!

Mummy bought two palettes. 
They sell it damn damn cheap! 
Like USD 7 Which is around here less than $10 i think ;o
Freaking cheap right?!?!?!?!
Yea I know x.x
Giving one away to my cousin and I kept this palette cause I like the colours!
Will do a swab review and a proper LOTD soon :D

And now, we arrive at this....
Yep, my mum bought me fishnet stockings.... ._.
Apparently many people in USA wears this so she bought it for me...
Pretty cute for my nekomimi look I guess :/
*starts pondering about what to wear*

Because mummy transit at HK she bought me this month latest Popteen!
*gasp gasp gasp*
Mummy is a sweetheart~
Shall post some pictures on which post interest me more as well as the trend for this month~

Mummy bought shatter nail polish and also a mood colour-changing nail polish.
I'm so fascinated by the mood nail polish :o
She also bought OPI base and top coat for herself~

In all, these are the eye make-up she bought for me :D
I got a maybelline unstoppable eyeliner, victoria secret beauty rush eyeliner *GASP* and a sephora eyeliner!!
I feel so happy laaaa!
But its a pity all of them are pencil eyeliner not liquid ones.
Will do a mini comparison between them as well as a proper review :D
Gosh so many reviews!
And did you see that pink thing? That pink box of lashes?!

Mom bought the hello kitty limited lashes I've been ranting about on twitter!!
So freaking happy! 
*jumps around*
She bought it from little tokyo!
I wish we had little tokyo in Singapore.
Little tokyo is like chinatown and little india. 
You can get all the good country stuff there...
They look like such a sweet heart don't they :)
You can buy them at Takashimaya if you like. They cost ard $10 or $15.. I think ;o
But, guess what?!
I bought them at $6 YO!
AND if you think she only brought back so little stuff, wait till you see the kitchen...

Can you believe this only cost like $4 and its a whole big bag of cookie :D
They taste even nicer than the subway cookies! I swear :o
Love this bag of cookie!

And mummy couldn't stop herself from buying nougats from Ajiichiban!
My fav is the cappuchino nougat :D
Super soft and nice!

Ok, thats all about what she gotten from her whole LA trip. 
Oh she bought tons of nuts too...
And some guilty pleasure- Godiva chocolates.
I swear I'll turn into a balloon :/
That's about it for now!~
Good night!

♥Amanda Misaki 

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