Monday, 7 November 2011

A random post

Big note!
Today's post will be two mini random post and one contact lens review lump into one big post ^^
Do enjoy and leave me a comment below~
So, the other day, I was out shopping with mummy.
We went to IMM~
I wanted to head to Daiso to get nekomimi headgear but they ran out
So, we continued walking around the store and I must say their store is very....
There were tons of christmas items there and cold weather gears.
Last christmas, I worked as an order taker at the christmas booth in cold storage and yep, me and bestie wore matching beanies
We looked like elves with our furry pompom beanies.
Thinking back to those times, seriously make me laugh a lot!

Anyway, I gotten this pair of fluffy soft socks from Daiso!
They are so cute and comfy!
I wanted the pink and orange ones but I'm afraid they will get dirty easily :(
So I settled for this. 
No regrets man! Super soft!
And yes, I wear socks at home because my leg gets really cold at night. 
No reason, it just gets cold :/

Yep! See my stocking foot!
Adorable right? :D
Haha, that's my hauls from Daiso. 
Just this pair of socks 
Meh ;/
Where's my shopping spirit?!


I recently bought this new iPhone casing which was transparent and I was wondering what to do with it.
I started to rummage through my box of nail stuff and found many many pearls!?!? 
And polymer flowers :/
So I decided to zhng my iPhone casing :p
No pictures of the process because its seriously super tedious 
*give sad face*

My gems, pearls, jewels and chapalang zhng-ing stuff.
*feels like a pro*
here's the finished product!

Chio right?!?!
Sorry my photo like upside down :/
I watermarked my pictures because I think it makes my blog look more professional :/
Super proud of it and am using the casing now!~
But it does kinda obstruct me when I'm furiously playing games on my phone...
The flowers are prickly... Hahaha!


Next up, Super Barbie Crystal Series Brown Review!
So, I can say, its been ages since I've posted a contact lens review and some/ most of my lenses are expired already :(
I'm introducing this pair of lenses under Super Barbie brand.

Actually this is similar to the geo xtra series lenses :/
Forgotten the lens series name because those are in 0 degree and I can't wear 0 degree lenses.
I really like the triangle little bits in the design of the lens. 
At first look, you might think they will look weird when worn, but nope!
They blend really well and make your eyes have that watery look.

Here's a close up of the lenses:

Hate my com max!
Sorry for the lopsided photo :(
This picture was taken under a desk light.
Can see the design is not obvious lah!
And my eyes, look very watery!
I never photoshop the watery thing hor! xD
Only add the watermark.
I think when you look to the side with this lenses, then the colour is obvious.

Other than that, they blend in well in normal room light and outdoors.
In fact they blend in too well. 
Sometimes, people don't even realise I'm wearing brown lenses :(

Here's how they look like in normal room light:

Totally not obvious I'm wearing lenses / brown lenses cause my eye look so natural right?
I only added that little mini blush stroke there cause its cute 

Here's my final verdict on them: 

♡♡ Super Barbie Crystal Series lens in brown ♡♡♡ 
 Colour: 3/10  (I can say I'm disappointed at the effect of these lenses cause I thought it would look really booms *sounds bimbo* but they just look really natural on the eye :/ )

 Comfortable rating: 9/10  (No problem wearing these lenses for long hours since they are super barbie and water content is  high. Worn these lenses from 9am-8pm, no problem ^^ )

 Enlargement: 7/10 (Not very large enlargement unlike my I.Fairy lenses. Super barbie lenses are mostly 15.8mm-16.0mm. Definitely larger than Geo lenses)
Pocket-friendly: 6/10 (I bought these pairs for $18/pair cause that time, SG was in a crisis and all youths were willing to pay a fortune just to get lenses like this... Feel scammed when I think back ;/ meh.)

Looking for a nice pair of brown lenses to wear to school then try this pair. Its enlargement is just right and doesn't look too freaky.
Colour blends in really well with eyes and the design gives a watery feel to your eyes.
*wink wink at love*

I also bought super barbie crystal series in gray ;/
Have yet to open it but I'm hoping those would turn out more gray instead of black on my eyes.

That's it for now and I shall end off with a picture and a little something between my love and me ^^
My random kitty cat under my block!
This kitty tried to bite boyffie the other time when he pet it.
He was on the phone with me and here's how the situation was.
K (him) : "Baby! Are you coming down already?"
Me: "Almost done le!! Applying my fake lashies. What are you doing?"
K: "Petting the cat lor. So cute"
Me: " th..."
K: "Walao! The meow meow wanna bite me sia"
Me: "GOOD! >:) "

Haha! Ok, random. But this cat is really cute, fat and pampered.
For one thing, this fat cat always has food and sleeps in a box with a cushion inside when it is raining.
See! So shiok laaaaa~

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