Sunday, 27 November 2011

Random questions cause I'm bored and Too awesome~

I'm supposed to be really really sleepy but I can't seem to sleep :/
Must be the Chinese tea I drank just now ._.
So, since I'm superbly bored and too awesome, I shall answer a few random questions! :D

1) What were you like when you were a kid?
-quiet, a NERD >:) I guess, studies were really important to me then. I'm a straight A student ._.

2) When was the first time that you had beer?
- Primary 5. Age 11. Dad wanted me to drink as he called it "socializing" :/

3) Do you like kids?
- Yep :D they are adorable but I don't think I want kids now. I'm too young!

4) What is your favorite word?
- Jellybeans. I like how "jelly" it sounds.

5) What is your least favorite word?
- Psychic. Don't know how to pronounce it so I end up sounding like a duck.

6) On a scale of 1-5, how organized are you?
- Judging from the state my room is in, 1. Judging from how I handle matters related to school and work, 5. *gasp* SPLIT PERSONALITY! >:)

7) Do you drink? Do you smoke?
- Drink, yes, occasionally. Smoke, used to, just for experimentation. I guess we only get to live once so I want to try things out. But DEFINITELY NO DRUGS.

8) do you wear pajamas other than in your house?
- Yes. I remembered when I was sec 2 I used to wear my hello kitty sleepwear to the provision shop :D #likeaboss

9) Do you trust easily?
- I think... I trust my family and friends a lot. To the point and extent that I always fall for the same April fool's trick, twice. In the same day -.-
However, I don't trust easily in love... I find it hard to give my all and love someone just so easily. Maybe it's just that I'm selfish...

10) Do you have any phobia?
- I'm afraid of lizards, cockroaches, bugs and things that fly around ._. I'm not afraid of heights. Haha!

11) Are you a heavy or light sleeper?
- I used to sleep 12 hours per day ._. now it's just 7-8hours and I'm up automatically :o

12) What is your mood like when you're tired?
- Depends on how tired I'm. If I'm slightly tired, I'll get more irritated easily. If I'm really tired, I get happy and high and make a lot of noise :/
Yes, I think there's something wrong with me

13) Have you been told that you can sing well, more than once?
- Yep! :D some people actually asked me why I joined girl guides (Yes, don't laugh) and not choir. Oh, I hit soprano notes~

14) Ever been cheated on?
- Yep, countless times. *hurt*

15) Ever been to a counselor?
- Yep, a few times. I was into self-hurting cause it was a trend then and I felt like no one understood the pain I was going through as a teenager. Have since stopped and turned to blogging as a means to vent my frustration and pent-up anger :D

16) Do you play any instrument?
- Trombone~ I was in the band when I was in primary school (told you I'm a GEEK :B )

17) Longest friend you've known?
- Si ying. I known her for 10 years and counting? Thats more than half my life :D

18) Favourite pastime?
- Shopping. Both online and retail shops work wonders when I'm down. Planning out coordinates that I know look awesome but I don't have the money/guts to put them together.

19) Any fetishes?
- I like slicing fimo sticks >:) addictive and fun!

20) What do you like and find for in a guy?
- First thing will be his personality. If he is a good person to his friends, family and even strangers, chances are, he is husband material >:) and then I like a guy whose eyes are beautiful. Haha! And and... I melt when guys have those cute tooth sticking out from the side when they smile. I think Chinese is 虎牙 (tiger tooth). LOL!

Ok, 20 random questions that I've answered! Time to hit the sack and go to bed! :D

I will be opening a blog sales to clear all my new and haven't used items~

I will be blogging everyday from now on, so do read and bookmark me!

Cause I know my readers are awesome and....
Cause I know I'm awesome :D

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