Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Shopping is in my DNA code

Second post of the day ^^
Okay, this is my thoughts and my ranting about my flaws.

When I was in Primary 5 and 6, all I wanted was a book to read and to head to the library/ bookstore everytime I'm in a shopping mall. A word to describe me during that age is "NERD"
No joke, I'm a self proclaimed nerd. 
I have straight As for all my subject and I received countless awards in school ._.
When I was in primary 6 though, I became self concious and my first shopping urge was to get an eyeliner ._.
Now, I'm the proud owner of 7 eyeliners...and counting.

I never knew what was ankle socks till I was in secondary 1 ._.
And no, my shopping gene never came out then.
When I was in secondary 2, there was this trend "EMO".
Basically, you slash yourself and derive pleasure from pain :/
Weird logic huh. But yea, I'm sad to say I was once "EMO". Because I felt like no one ever understood me, never knew what I wanted and I have been in so many failed relationships by then, I felt ready to just die.

When I was in seciondary 3, bestie introduced me to contact lenses and I felt jealous of my cousin because she was just so damn perfect :(

And so, I decided to change everything from the moment I put those tiny transparent circles into my eyes. 
That's when my addiction for circle lenses and make up started.
I went to get extensions because I couldn't stand my forever short hair.
And, I wore lenses (secretly) to school. 
Perfect cousin came to visit and she and I bonded and talked talked talked through the night.
We went out loads and she taught me how to use liquid eyeliner. She taught me how to use fake eyelashes and many other useful makeup techniques. 
Over the past few days, I practise like a mad and I managed to make myself look presentable.

After that, I bought a lot of eyeliner and lenses and makeup! :D
Bought tons of clothes and thats when the shopping sequence hidden in my DNA code came out ._.
And then, my penchant for all things fluffy, cute, pink and pastel came out and I shopped like siao..
And I think, that's how my shopaholic nature was found.

To top it off, my mum shops a lot.
So, I'm determined that it runs in the family.

I love this picture~

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