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♥ Sponsored Review: Eucerin

Hey people! :D
Did you guys miss me?
So, I'm officially back with a Sponsored review!
Today's product that I will be ranting about is Eucerin.
All products in this review is kindly and lovingly sponsored by The Sample Store! :D

I first heard of Eucerin through my mum. Her take on Eucerin is that it is suitable for her sensitive skin type.
And recently, I had been struggling with a sudden outburst of pimples due to the stress of a new semester in Poly as well as late night playing Dragon Nest :/
And trust me, I tried quite a number of treatment on my face but none work.
I usually have mini breakout that lasts a week and it fades to nothing.
But this is one stubborn breakout! *Pouts*

And, just right, The Sample Store was kind enough to send me some Eucerin products to help me clear my stubborn outbreak of pimples.
I believe this product is a gift send from Heaven!
Don't believe? Read on!

The Sample Store send me my products via Ta-Q-Bin~ ♥
I missed the first delivery and the second too :B
But they were nice enough to call me up and arrange a good timing for the third redelivery!
They even worked on public holidays :o
(hardworking max)

And after taking photo of my delivered package (Gosh I love the word "package") , I tore it open and found three retail size products staring at me!
Here's their photoshoot~

And here they are in their full glory! :D

I was given retail sizes of (left to right) :
Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Active Concentrate (30ml, $29.90)
Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Active Night Care (50ml, $25.90)
Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Hydrating Care (50ml, $25.90)

And right away, I read the product information at the side of the boxes~
I must say that I'm impressed with all the information and research involved in making these products.
I also read the information given by The Sample Store and saw a few examples of the miracle of Eucerin products on this girl with acne problems.
After just 12 weeks of usage, her skin was flawless! D:
I want flawless skin!
So I started on my Eucerin journey that very night!


First, I'm using DermoPURIFYER Active Nightcare.

All photos with my face in it is non-edited :D
Ok, I just dot the product over my T-zone (oily area) and places where I have acne and LARGE HUMONGOUS PORES. 
Then I massaged the cream in.
It smells super nice! Really!
And so, I went to sleep after that with a smile on my face.
The next morning, my skin felt like it could breathe and my HUGE pimples on my forehead was less red and sore.

Over the next few nights, I continued to use the DermoPURIFYER Active Nightcare and my skin condition improved visibly.
I used to dab on alot of concealer cause my skin was dull and no matter what kind of whitening masks I tried, I couldn't make my skin "glow".

A day without my usual foundation and camwhoring with a tub of mint delights :D

With such good results, I tried the DermoPURIFYER Hydrating Care.
This product was to be applied every morning.

I have to say this product is very....easy on the skin.
Its super smooth and I had a hard time taking this picture cause the product almost slip off my skin.
Its a cream that is light on the skin and fragrant free.

I look so ugly.... -.-
Ok, so here's the product. 
Its so easy to apply on my skin and I don't feel icky and sticky after applying this. 
It is really light and I feel that my skin clears considerably well after using DermoPURIFYER Hydrating Care for a few days.
The product is fragance free but is not foul smelling.
Love it!

So, I had to go on a date with my boyfriend that Saturday and I needed to get rid of the HUGE and UGLY pimple on my forehead. 
I decided to take a chance on the DermoPURIFYER Active Concentrate.
It comes in a glass bottle and is extremely liquid.

See that huge unsightly pimple there!!!!
Right smack in the middle of my forehead D;
And yes, my eyebrows are unsightly too ;(

Had a fun time massaging this into my skin. 
It was absorbed really fast and smelled wonderfully nice.
Since I was skeptical about using two products at one shot, I replaced the DermoPURIFYER Active Nightcare to use this- Active Concentrate in my daily routine for the next three days.

After just three days of usage, my pimple diminish to a 'blip" . 
Shows how good the product is isn't it?
Still not convince that Eucerin skin care line is awesome?
Check out this before and after picture!

I told you Eucerin Skincare line worked wonders.
Before, my skin was oily and I had a lot of breakout I also had very dull skin.
After using Eucerin Skincare for only A WEEK!, my skin condition improve drastically! 
My skin brighten and my pimples "disappeared". They weren't as visible as before and I can proudly go out without any foundation on my face!~

And remember my mum went on a vacation to LA?
When she came back, she asked 'Ah girl ah, your face very smooth leh! what you use?'
I let her in on my skincare routine and she is not using the Eucerin Skincare range too!

And here's a picture of me! 
In case you forgotten how I look like without make up ._.

And if you're convince to give Eucerin skincare range a try, you can get them at all leading pharmacies, Guardian, Watsons, Unity, hospital Retail pharmacies and National Skin Centre!
In fact, the other day I was walking around Bukit Batok Central and passed by Unity and They have the whole Eucerin Skincare range in the store.
I also spotted the Eucerin Skincare range at IMM Watsons! Its a huge range!!
Pretty tempted to get all since it works wonders for me!

Still skeptical about the Eucerin Skincare range?
 Why not try a sample?
Redeem your free Eucerin sample here:
Grab your samples today! Don't wait! 
Start your Eucerin Skincare journey today and be confident about your natural beauty!

And don't say I'm evil :p
here's a little something for you, readers~
A $3 off the Eucerin SkinCare range valid till 31st December!
Redeemable at Watsons!
I'm so nice right?! ;p

I would like to Thank Eucerin for the wonderful products as well as The Sample Store for giving me this opportunity to clear my pimples and experience a truly wonderful skincare range.

I hope you guys enjoy this post~ 
I'll be back to blogging full time from tomorrow onwards :D

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