Saturday, 26 November 2011

♥ Sponsored Review: Mojitate Kajitsu

Hello! :D
So, the other day, TSS sent me another product to review!
I really think they know me really well, because this product (again), came at a time when I needed it.
Wonder if you guys notice, but I have really cracked and dry lips.
Which is why I refused to buy Candydoll lipstick even though it lasts really long D:

And so far, I bought this NYX lipstick in honey nude but they look .... cause of my cracked and dry lips.
Seriously... FML -.-

So, I'm really glad to say that Mojitate Kajitsu works wonder for me! :D
Oh gosh, I love saying that word..."Mojitate Kajitsu~"
Its the Number 1 best selling Lip Balm brand in Japan and after this review, you'll know why~

A small little tidbit of information:
Mojitate means fresh and Kajitsu means fruit :3
Therefore, mojitate kajitsu means FRESH FRUIT :D
And we all know that fresh fruit is good for your body, therefore Mojitate Kajitsu is great for your lips!

There are five different and extremely juicy fruit mixes:


Grape & Berry

Orange & Mango

White Peach

Lemon & Lime

Aren't the packaging so kawaii?~
So, The Sample Store mailed my Mojitate Kajitsu to me and I was praying I get the grape & berry OR the white peach OR the strawberry OR all of them :B

So, when the brown envelope with The Sample Store logo arrived at my home, I quickly took a decent photo of the envelope and ripped it open~
Guess what flavour I got? :D

Grape & Berry yo! :D

Like always, I have to camwhore with it since the packaging is so ke aiiiiii~

I want eat the packaging! :D
Ok LOL, Random ._.

Anyway, this is how the lip balm look like!
Purple polka dots! :D
Seriously reminds me of Dolly Wink products no? :D

The review proper:
I used to have really dry lips and peeling lip skin <- LOL
So, I'm really glad to use this.
It smells like grapes and berry (DUH!)
And it has a very fruity nice smell... 
Like the kinda smell you can smell when you walk into Body Shop :D
The nice, fruity scented smell.

Trying it on, easy to apply and it is colourless~ Yay!
There is a cooling effect after application and I realise it is also a mentholatum!

So, after application, my lips went from:

(can still see how dry my lips are laaaa~ see those lip lines D; )\


Super soft and kissable lips! :D

In addition to the essential minerals and vitamins that are beneficial to your lips, Mojitate Kajitsu also contain honey that can heal and renew your lips!
No wonder I have baby lips now~ 
*bhb ttm*

So what are you waiting for? :D
Buy Mojitate Kajitsu @ any Watsons Outlet for only $5.90!
I'm definitely getting a few more for myself~~

if you aren't really sure Mojitate Kajitsu is the one and only Lip Balm for you, you can redeem a sample at:

While stock last! Quickly go redeem today! :D

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