Saturday, 19 November 2011

Ten Top Things I want my boy to do

I think that a boyfriend should try to fulfil all these ten requirements.
And girls, these are just a little list of things that guy should always do.

1. When you're cold, he would lend you his jacket or hug you close to him.
2. He would stand behind you on an escalator so he can hug you from behind and make you feel protected.
3. He would wipe away all your tears. Be there for you even though no one else does and hear all your troubles without complains. And even if he can't do that, at least he should call to make sure you're ok.

4. He should always trust you. Believe in you and encourage you to do your best. 
5. He falls in love with your smile and personality, not your body. And he would do anything to see you smile. In fact, he would try to make you laugh and smile everyday, every moment.
6. He cherishes you. Every moment when he's with you, he would always glance at you. All he will ever think of is how lucky he is to have you.

7. He would do silly things with you and doesn't mind when you come up with the weirdest/ worst ideas for a date... And believe me, girls have a lot of weird ideas (Picnics, ice skating, mini dessert trips, etc)
8. He would say "I love you" and mean every single word with all his heart. 

9. He would make an effort to make each and every date memorable for you. It might not be a special date to celebrate things - monthsary etc, But he would treat each date with you as a special occasion.
10. He would put you first before anything else. Protect you and hold you tight no matter what circumstances nor obstacles stands in his/you/you guys way. 

That's all for tonight!
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