Thursday, 8 December 2011

♥ Advertorial: Kawaiikoya & Giveaway~

Gonba wa~
My exams is in two days time but I figured I could squeeze in some blogging~
And a giveaway! :D
So, I had this question from a random reader

Just click to enlarge~
Anyway, this reader asked me where did I get my schedulers from~ So here's a vlog on my experience with them :D
And for those who are too lazy to wait for the video to load, you can read and see the items I gotten!
As well as stand a chance to win a scheduler from yours truly :D

Don't hate leh :/
My first vlog cause I felt pretty today :p
Sorry for the poor video quality cause I was using my iPhone to record it :<
Ok laaaaa~ I think I stumble on my words often :x

My 2012 scheduler~ ^^
$5.90 only! :D
It has a monthly planner and many lined pages for you to write your notes in :D
And the best thing about this book is that it has a page where you can record your friend's birthday (I always forget people's birthday :x ) 

Ok, I "stole" this picture from their website :x
Here's the link to this product ^^

And, I also gotten two little lined notebooks from their store :D

I like little notebooks because I can bring them around everywhere and jot down little notes in case I forget things :D
These notebooks come in 4 different designs but I gotten the floral printed ones and the polka dotted one because they are just so precious! 

Each notebook at only $3.50! ^^
And I saw a blogshop that sells the exact same design at $5+ each?!

They also sell rilakkuma calendar!
(Gotten the korilakkuma calendar for myself ^^)
 Did I mention how much I love the brown bear?~
And so awesome! I saw a blogshop (again) sell them at $9.90 and waiting time 1-2 weeks
At kawaiikoya, these are instock and only cost $4.90! 

And, I'm so tempted to get this for my little cousin who just started nursery! :D
So cute right!!! :D
$5.50 only lehhhh~

So, why do I buy from them? :3
They are 100% trustable! :D Bought like thrice from them and I always get my items in perfect condition because they actually bubblewrap their items! Even if its a notebook! :o
I know some people will think "Notebook need to bubblewrap meh? Notebook only maaaa~"
AND, my answer is "YES! NEED BUBBLEWRAP!"

Because its super ..... turn off to see the corner of your book get dented/squashed/crumpled/damaged by rough handling!
That's why I love Kawaiikoya for bubblewrapping their notebooks! ^^

AND, they have a warehouse at IMM^^
Anyone who lives in the west can self-collect aftter you've ordered from them! Super convenient!
Did I mention all their items are instock?Means no waiting time required at all! :D

I met with Garen (one of the owner of the shop) when I did a self-collection and he was so nice to gimme discount cause one of my chosen item was oos :o

So what are you waiting for?
Go get some new stationary for the new year!! ^^
And those who have yet done their Xmas shopping, fret no more!
They have a 5% off for anyone who like their webpage~

The giveaway! :D
I'll be giving away one brown 2012 scheduler~

How to stand a chance to win this?
1) Comment on this post with why you deserve to win this scheduler for 2012~
The best comment wins!
So simple right? RIGHT?!
So comment now and sharing this giveaway earns you extra point~ ^^ Do include the link if you share it :D
Giveaway ends 16 Dec! (My exams end on that date too ^^ T.G.I.F)
And results will be announced on my blog and twitter on 17 Dec, 1am! :D
*yea I'm still awake*

Don't wait and shop with them! :D
And share yo! :D

Be a geek with me :B

NOTE: Kawaiikoya did not ask me to advertise for them! Neither did they sponsor me for this giveaway! I bought the items myself (I have two schedulers) and I just think they are an awesome blogshop to recommend :D


  1. Hi!
    I want to win the scheduler cos im a sotong sotong gal who is so not organise and i just need this scheduler to help me plan my schedule! :D so that i won't be like a sotong again! :D I really hope to win this lovely scheduler! :D Thanks! :D

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I need a new diary/planner/scheduler for 2012 and I'm dead broke :(. You're an awesome and pretty blogger who should owns more fame. :) My current ones only filled up to dec 2011. And I'm born on christmas eve, 24 DEC :) I should deserve a good christmas and birthday gift >.< :) hehehe and you never fails to get awesomely cute stuffs. (jealous)* Love ya :)
    And I can't live without a scheduler ever since I got it as a gift last christmas. It had helped me soooo much T.T I'm blurgirl93.
    What's more the one you're giving away has the exact box box week/month/daily scheduler I'm using now just that the cover is different >.< happiness :)

    Facebook : Vivian Ho Sin Yee


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