Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas' Eve

Hello lovelies!
Its Christmas Eve so I will just do a mini update and will blog a long one about my trip to Sentosa
(Very overdued post) and maybe about my first ever Marche trip with my two bestie!

For now, I shall entertain you with my new Japanese loots >:)

I bought a set of Diamond lash in fairy eye and a set of eye<3 matsuge lower lashes in dolphin love.
In each set, there are five pairs and I wore one set out! Super pretty and mad love with their effect!
It made my eyes look freaky huge!
But no pictures cause I didn't look glam enough :/

A closer look at my eye<3 matsuge Dolphin Love lashes!
Looks so dramatic no?
But they are really really pretty when paired with the fairy eye lashes I gotten!

Artistic shot from this angle \(^~^)/
My blog is having clearer pictures because I have retrieved my camera from my sister.

Diamond lashes in fairy eye!
I can't wait to do a picture review on this because I just love the look that the lashes has created.
But for now, ciao~

Yep, I'm back to the land of bangs~
how does it look yo!
Leave me a comment~ ^^

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