Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Days like these, I will remember for life...

I'm back with a new post! Firstly, sumimasen! I'm sorry for not posting the past few days due to the festive season :<
Been out almost everyday since Otousan is back for the holidays :D
This post will be all about the Sentosa trip with Mr.K and his' friends.

**Warning! Picture heavy! Unglam photos ahead! Please skip post if necessary**

So after the MIEC exams on Friday, I head back home and grab my stuff before heading to AMK to meet Mr.K and his' friends :D

A little bit of makeup because I'm so so sure that my make up will be washed away by the seawater :<

Okay lah. Post this pic cause I think I look cute :3
Mr. K asked me to do a big-eyed dino lookalike so I randomly came up with this expression and he used his laptop's webcam to take my super...*ahem* cute photo 
Super funny cause we were in the taxi and spamming webcam photos 

I have fluffy cheeks and big ugly eyebags :/

We reached Vivo and proceeded to have lunch at Food Republic. And like all good days gone wrong, it started to rain :/ All our moods were dampen but we figured we could still head to the beach and splash around in the water. Since Mr. K and me forgotten to bring our towels, we headed to Daiso to buy mini towels as well as a ball, pail and shovel to play with. 

We took the caterpillar train all the way to Siloso beach and proceeded to the beach to have a wonderful time there.
Since we had a mini ball, we played around and I had to be thrown into the sea :/
And since we were all wet (sounds wrong :/ ) ,we decided to continue splashing around in the water :D

No pictures but here is a picture of the pretty beach <3

And it started to rain again :/
So we got out of the water and didn't get in again since the tide was rising :<
It only rained for 15 minutes and lo and behold!
We have a rainbow :D
My very first rainbow with Mr. K and the first rainbow in 5 years or so :}

And my second sunset with Mr.K . Although we missed it by a bit cause I was so fascinated by the rainbow!

Pretty aye?

Mr.K . haha he grew fat after spending 10 whole days with me :>

So, we headed to the toilet to wash up after the whole "Oh-look-its-a-rainbow" saga.
And then headed over to vivo for some serious spammage of photos.

The christmas display at Vivo is so chio no?
And I shall not say too much now.
Enjoy the barrage of photos~


The golden haired boy- Mr. K
The guy in the geek spec- Ignatius 
The guy at the back- Chen tian

That's all for now :D

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