Thursday, 1 December 2011

♥ Loots of the week

Rushing out a quick post before I prepare to head out for dinner with the guys~
My gosh, I miss Edmund and Jerome. 
Bet we'll bitch about our shitty campus life. LOL
So, here are the loots of the week just cause I felt like it. 
I gotten new hair extensions which are just plain....FAWESOME.
I swear they are! But they are a tad too dark for me to properly conceal so either I have to wait for my quite reddish brown hair to fade into a nice brown colour or I will have to spam the liese hair dye.
Speaking of which, I think the Liese hair dye is super awesome! 
And it works super super well in covering my black roots.
I know I haven't been doing a candy review so I will probably splurge on another set during the december break and get them done :D
Oh, remember the happy kitchen soft cookies? Well, I got the squirrel and bear mould!
Lack of candy review cause I haven't been able to get enough time for me to spam pictures and make them
And then, I watch XiaXue's poppin cookin and how she does it... 
And I realise I'm damn fail....My donuts didn't even look like donuts :<

And I tweeted that I have enough organisers and scheduler to last me for 6 years...
Actually maybe more cause I just bought three more to add to my collection. 
OMG. I must be mad.
but I just can't resist them :<
I'm using a super mini size one now. 
Which I have to say is pretty handy cause I started to remember to do the things I'm suppose to do and motivates me to get my work done :/
Common test week is next week though so I hope its still not too late to start cram studying/ find time for myself/ troll around everyday.
And now, I shall wait for my last parcel from TAQBIN to arrive. 
Seriously though, I'm getting slightly pissed and irritated at TAQBIN no show. Have been waiting since 8-10am.

Sigh :/ Just my luck

Next post will be a Super Barbie Lens review ^^


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